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Top 10 US cities LGBT travelers are booking for Pride this year

With 2019 marking the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Inn riots, what are the best places in the US to go to for Pride?

Heading to the US to experience (the largely commercial) Pride?

There are over 150 cities in the US that celebrate Pride, with events that can be political or… plainly commercial/for partying. This ought not be a surprise, considering that the country is now largely credited for starting the modern LGBTQIA movement, thanks to the 1969 Stonewall Inn riots in Manhattan, New York, where members of the community stood up against police forces to fight for their rights.

And with 2019 marking the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Inn riots, what are the best places in the US to go to for Pride?

Travel booking site Orbitz did an online survey to determine where LGBTQIA travelers were booking this year for Pride. And here are the top 10 cities LGBTQIA travelers are looking to book this year based on data compiled, along with the dates for each city’s respective Pride events.

  1. Provincetown, Massachusetts, May 31 – June 3
  2. St. Petersburg, Florida, June 21-23
  3. Atlanta, October 11-13
  4. Long Beach, California, May 18-19
  5. New York City, June 1-30
  6. Minneapolis, June 22-23
  7. Columbus, Ohio, June 14-16
  8. Miami, April 1-7
  9. Houston, June 22
  10. San Francisco, June 29-30

Other key findings:

  • 79% of LGBTQIA travelers plan to attend this year’s Pride events with a group
  • 57% of the travelers prefer staying in a hotel during Pride
  • 54% of the travelers are looking at car-sharing to attend a Pride event
  • 80% of the travelers are willing to sacrifice their cell phone and break the “pics or it didn’t happen” rule of Instagram during Pride celebrations in exchange for free parade tickets, meals and hotel accommodations
  • 30% are looking to spend less than $100 on Pride travel and accommodations
  • 67% claim experience is the most important consideration when traveling for Pride


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