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Top 5 LGBTQ+ movies to watch on Netflix in 2021

We want to look at content available to people in the Philippines that sheds a positive light on LGBTQ+ people.

The 2000s and 2010s saw great strides when it came to LGBTQ+ inclusivity and acceptance, from the United State’s decision to legalize gay marriage in 2015 to Australia’s decision in 2017. However, the Supreme Court here continues to reject LGBTQ+ people their rights, going as far as to deny a motion to legalize gay marriage.

However, our court’s attempts at dismissing LGBTQ+ people have done little to quell the amazing LGBTQ+ culture that exists here in the Philippines. Today, we want to look at content available to people in the Philippines that sheds a positive light on LGBTQ+ people.

1. The Danish Girl (2015)

Trans woman Lili Elbe was among the first-ever in history to undergo sex reassignment surgery. Her story is inspiring, and she is regarded as a major trans icon in the community. So naturally, there is a movie based on her life.

The Danish Girl focuses on Lili’s life, and while it’s not a true-to-life documentary, it stays accurate while dramatizing only minor details in her life. Overall, this is a fantastic movie, and Lili would be proud.

One thing to keep in mind is that The Danish Girl is not available in the Philippines. However, you can use a Netflix VPN to access it.

2. Moonlight (2016)

Moonlight won the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture (Drama), and for a good reason. The film follows Chiron, a gay black man who, from childhood to early adulthood. Growing up in Miami in an abusive household, Chiron experiences physical and emotional abuse from his mother and peers—a reality far too common for many LGBTQ+ members around the world.

It is a beautiful movie that handles the topic very well. It is a movie you shouldn’t miss!

3. Someone Has to Die (2020)

Spain is regarded as one of the most inclusive countries in the world when it comes to LGBTQ+ rights. However, like most countries, it wasn’t always like this. Until the 1970s, same-sex relations were illegal, and many LGBTQ icons were executed in the early 1900s.

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Someone Has to Die portrays Spain’s complicated history with same-sex rights in a chilling thriller. The mini-series revolves around a young man’s relations with a ballerino, a male dancer, and the (sometimes violent) consequences many gay men faced in 1950s Spain.

4. A Secret Love (2020)

Documentary A Secret Love tells the story of All-American Girls Professional Baseball League players Terry Donahue and Pat Henschel and their love for each other—a love that spanned their entire lives in secret.

The United States looked down on same-sex relationships throughout the 1900s, and Terry and Pat were forced to keep their love secret until they could finally marry each other in 2015.

A Secret Love is to the point, sticks to the facts, and manages to tell a beautiful, encouraging story.

5. Transformer (2017)

It’s 2020, and many transgender people still suffer from oppressive legislation, violent regimes, and general disdain in many countries. So it’s documentaries like Transformer that offer hope and act as a bright light to the trans population.

Transformer tells the story of Janae Kroc, a former Marine and competitive bodybuilder and her transitioning process. She suffered a lot, but in the end, she found happiness. It’s stories like these that trans youth need, and for that, I highly recommend it. 


LGBTQ+ representation has grown in the past two decades, but it’s still rare enough that many in the community need to seek it out. These five movies are some of the best we could find, and they are, in fact, amazing. Check them out!

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