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Top 5 ways to get a guy’s attention on Instagram

Keep reading to find out some of the creative ways to gain traction on Instagram and how to use it to lure the guy of your dreams.

So you found yourself attracted to a guy who does not seem to know you even exist. Don’t worry – you are not the only person this happened to. Many people complain about not being able to draw their crush’s attention, despite all of their best efforts. 

It is very easy to get lost in the vicious cycle of hopeless attempts to get a guy to notice you. It can even become increasingly time-consuming, as you’re scouring the internet for advice on sites like Beyond Ages or Reddit, and constantly trying to make improvements to your appearance, hoping that your long eyelashes and pretty makeup will finally be the breakthrough you were looking for. 

While much of the advice you can find online can be really helpful, getting sucked up into the world of relationship advice can lead to your getting advice from doubtful online “experts” and even turning your infatuation into a creepy obsession. 

Thankfully, you don’t need to turn into a stalker or glue yourself to online forums in order to successfully get a guy’s attention. One of the best ways to approach this issue is through social media, thanks to its unique abilities to magnify an individual’s reach, as well as seemingly increase their social standing.

Keep reading to find out some of the creative ways to gain traction on Instagram and how to use it to lure the guy of your dreams.

Build a Follower Base 

The most wonderful thing about establishing a following on Instagram or any other social media platform is the fact that the only thing that counts in this regard are numbers. It doesn’t matter who follows you or what their backstory is (unless they’re bots or purchased follows – the algorithms can spot them quite easily, and it might diminish your reach), as long as enough people are following you, you will be more visible to everyone else, including your crush. 

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But there are also a few ingenious ways to gain followers without resorting to paying for them. The most simple one is basically following loads of random people daily. The more you follow, the better (stick to the 150 per day limit, though, unless you want to get blocked from following others for a couple of days). Some, if not most of them will follow you back. If you do it for long enough, you’ll go into the thousands quicker than you thought possible. Remember to regularly unfollow a few accounts as well, to keep your followers-to-following ratio believable. 

Drop Hints in Posts 

When you post a picture, you can add a little something that’s meant to grab his attention. Things like references to his favorite movies or books in the post description can work well, and so can a poster of his favorite band in the background of your photo. There are plenty of ways you can play around with this method; just remember not to be too obvious. Keep some of your photos without these subtle digs, so that he doesn’t figure out that you’re doing it on purpose.

Show Your Best Self 

It might not be the most politically correct piece of advice out there, but if you really want to seduce a man via a visual medium, such as Instagram, you’re going to have to showcase your attractiveness on there. Publish photos that exhibit your best sides, and leave out the ones where the imperfections are obvious. Keep it PG-13, though, and don’t try too hard to alter your appearance to suit the guy’s preferences. 

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Make Use of Stories 

Instagram imploded upon the developers’ addition of Stories to everyone’s feeds, and for a good reason – it diverted a lot of the attention from posts to these little byte-sized videos and pictures added at a moment’s notice and, for a lot of users, without much thought put into them. 

Stories are also your chance to shine. As opposed to posts, they are a place where you can showcase your awesome personality – you can publish pictures of the fun places you go to, goofy videos from parties and hangouts as well as snapshots of what music you’re currently listening to, or a movie you enjoyed. 

And if some of these pop-culture references just happen to fall right into your crush’s tastes, it’s just gotta be destiny, right? 

Slide into His DMs – but Tread Lightly 

Although the common sentiment is that it’s the man who should message first, you don’t need to follow that rule like it’s the Word of God. Guys actually like it when a girl shows initiative and texts them first – it lets them know she’s interested, and that she’s not afraid to take risks. 

Don’t be overly flirtatious, though! Just as much as men like when girls text them first, they can be put off by a woman who is obviously too “thirsty” for her own good. Keep the conversation casual, and keep a leeway open into something more serious, if he shows interest. 

Final Thoughts 

Even though you might be absolutely certain that the guy you’re crushing on is the one, and you can’t imagine just stopping being into him, sometimes you’ll just have to accept defeat. If he’s simply not interested, there might be nothing you can do to change that despite all of your efforts. Accepting it will be much healthier for you than altering your entire appearance and personality only to adapt to his preferences. Keep that in mind when chasing after him on Instagram.

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