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Top 6 Scanners to Improve your Workflow

Keep reading to learn about the next generation of scanners, including several groundbreaking models from Fujitsu.

Even as our world becomes increasingly digital, paper document handling is still essential. It all starts with choosing a scanner that best meets your needs. Keep reading to learn about the next generation of scanners, including several groundbreaking models from Fujitsu.

The Next Generation In Scanning

Several core technologies define today’s industry-leading scanners. Many of these appear in Fujitsu’s fi series, its collection of enterprise document scanners. 

Clear Image Capture

Clear Image Capture significantly improves clarity and accuracy from its predecessor technologies. Using 3D color conversion, CIC digitizes scanned images through 4,913 levels of color — a major difference from the 30 color levels of machines equipped with Contact Image Sensor technology.

CIC’s degree of accuracy isn’t just impressive for outstripping older scanners. It also minimizes image quality issues such as color shifting and line distortions. Crisper images improve data accuracy because optical character recognition software has an easier time “reading” them. 

Intelligent Paper Protection

Nothing ruins a scan job more thoroughly than paper jams. Paper monitoring features reduce the likelihood of jams Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection and image monitoring. Fujitsu’s iSOP listens to the sound each page makes when it moves through a scanner’s automatic document feeder. If that sound exceeds a certain threshold, the scanner automatically pauses the job so you can fix the issue. Image monitoring also watches incoming paper feeds, but it checks each page’s feed distance. If it discovers irregularities, the scanner will stop and permit you to realign your sheets as needed. 

Finding The Right Scanner For Your Job

Fujitsu’s enterprise scanners come with technologies such as Clear Image Capture and Intelligent Paper Protection. Each one is designed with capacities to support specific environments. 


The fi-8170 is Fujitsu’s flagship model of its enterprise scanners. Capable of up to 70 pages per minute, this machine is equipped with a 100-page automatic document feeder and boasts an expected daily volume of up to 10,000 sheets. 


With a scanning speed of 100 ppm, the fi-7600 is perfect for higher-volume scanning. This production environment machine sports a 300-page ADF and an EDV of 44,000 sheets.


While the fi-7300NX can scan up to 60 pages per minute, its chief strength is network accessibility. With both Ethernet and wireless connectivity, this scanner supports a multi-user environment with an intuitive touchscreen display plus scan-to-cloud capabilities — no PC needed.  

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Ideal for single users, the fi-800R is an ultra-compact scanner handling everything from standard documents to ID cards. Measuring 11.6 inches wide by 4.1 inches deep, it fits neatly on a desk corner and includes a front feeder plus a 20-page ADF and scan speeds of up to 40 ppm. 


With scan speeds of up to 140 ppm, the fi-7900 is a lightning-fast scanner perfect for high-volume environments. It boasts a 500-sheet ADF and an EDV of 120,000 sheets.


Suited for lighter workloads, the fi-8250 supports up to 50 ppm scanning and equips a flatbed for periodicals and thicker items. 

Scanning in the 21st Century

Speed, accuracy and ease of use are key when choosing a scanner. Fujitsu’s enterprise scanners offer many options for improving your organization’s workflows. 

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