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Top 7 LGBT PowerPoint Templates for an Outstanding Presentation

Let’s explore the key benefits of using LGBT PowerPoint Templates and which top templates you should consider for your presentation.

Every strong message can be enhanced by visuals twice as much. If you find yourself in a position where you have to present information on such important topics as LGBT to other people, you want your messages to sound as strong as possible. That’s why you might consider using PowerPoint to deliver a professional presentation.

Powerpoint is not only easy to use and cost-effective tool but also helps you create a visually-appealing presentation by using professional templates. You can always choose a design from available templates. However, you can download a template specifically designed for LGBT topics. Let’s explore the key benefits of using LGBT PowerPoint Templates and which top templates you should consider for your presentation.

Benefits of Using LGBT PowerPoint Templates

Here are key reasons why it’s worth considering using templates from

Make your arguments stronger with visual appeals

Visual information makes up 90% of the data sent to your brain. That’s why using presentations with professionally-designed templates that enhance the topic with related design is a much more effective way of communicating with the audience. Of course, copies and arguments themselves can create a significant impact on people. But imagine enhancing already strong arguments with visuals emphasizing every point. This is what creates the “wow” effect.

Customize the design to meet your needs

After you download PowerPoint themes, you can easily customize them to make every slide meet your needs. All design elements are simple to modify and user-friendly. Remember that even though you use templates, this is your presentation, and you are the one who knows what is better to emphasize every argument.

Boost Your Confidence

Just imagine how much a visually-appealing presentation with interesting information and winning arguments will boost your confidence as a speaker. If you dislike public speaking, using professional visuals is what makes the job easier is a win. Having well-designed slides can also serve as a content guide for you, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything. Relax and stay confident. With great slides, audiences will definitely pay attention and will be convinced by your messages.

Allows the Audience to Be ‘In The Moment’

Attendees know they won’t have to take notes during the meeting when a presenter uses PowerPoint, so they can focus on listening rather than taking notes. When people are “here and now,” they give you their full attention. They are more likely to appeal to both simple and complex ideas on LGBT you present.

Overview of 7 Best LGBT PowerPoint Templates

Now, let’s review the top 7 most appealing LGBT PPT templates you can find and download in a few clicks:

1)    World Pride Presentation Template

The World Pride Presentation Template is your perfect choice if you want to talk about World Pride Day (but can also be easily modified for other topics). This creative 50 slides Template is a harmonious blend of red, violet, blue, and yellow colors. It contains a number of slides with different infographics ready to be used for your arguments. Whatever information you need to deliver, be sure there is a perfect slide among fifty slides available.

2)   Gay Powerpoint Template

This template is a perfect choice for those who love and embrace minimalism. Stand out with minimalist and elegant slides designed in only three colors —  blue, violet, and green. Black-white visuals create a sophisticated image that will appeal to everyone. The best LGBT topic for this template is gay rights since the slides are custom for this group. However, it can be modified to talk in general about LGBT rights.

3)   Pride Powerpoint Template

This is one of the newest templates on LGBT topics with pink background and a stylish 3D-designed word “pride.” It has a universal that suits different topics related to LGBT. The combination of colors gives a tender touch, and the photos used for the design emphasize the feeling of true love and happiness between LGBT people.

4)  Zero Discrimination Presentation Template

This black presentation with rainbow elements offers 50 unique slides & 4 color schemes. You have a variety of design elements to choose from. There’re also many ready-to-use slides to talk about numbers and statistics to emphasize your points. White text on a black background creates a contrast and enhances the appeal to the audience’s attention.

5) LGBT Powerpoint Template

This colorful template has all the slides necessary to present key information on LGBT communities. It’s colorful, bright, memorable, and very stylish at the same time, designed in squares. The touch of geometry will help you stand out among others. It’s also fully edible, just like other presentations, so you have a space for your imagination.

6) Love Wins LGBT Presentation

This is one of our favorite LGBT presentation templates. Black, purple, and orange theme with other colorful elements emphasize the key emotional argument — love always win. If you want to talk about numbers and statistics, there’re many slides where you can easily fill out numbers to present for the audience.

7) I’m Proud LGBTQ PowerPoint Template

One more top presentation that differs from others is I’m Proud LGBTQ PowerPoint Template. It is enhanced with watercolor illustrations and appeals to one’s creativity. Use it to emphasize your strong arguments with an artistic touch.


Whatever design you choose for your presentation on LGBT, make sure you love it and feel how perfectly it suits your presented arguments. There’s no one “best” design because it depends on what you’re going to talk about. Explore all the mentioned templates to choose the one that will create a “wow” effect.

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