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Top 7 reasons why people use stones and crystals for health healing

Have you ever wondered about the health benefits of these stones and crystals and why are people interested in it in the first place?

Traditionally, stones and crystals have been incorporated in the spiritual and emotional healing of the wounded soul, since times unknown.  Healing stones and crystals have been widely found its usage in the alternate healing method, dating back to the ancient Chinese and Indian cultures. The Egyptians were among the first people to wear stones like Lapis Lazuli to ward off the evil and negative energies. 

In the modern days, where some people are uncertain and unsure of pretty much everything in their lives, there are also some serious believers of spiritual healing processes. Hence, today crystals are not only used by the Zen masters, but are also incorporated by common people who believe in the physical and emotional healing powers of these precious gems.

While some spiritual enthusiasts wear the crystals and stones for their healing and calming properties, others wear them for ornamental purposes, making it their style statements. Therefore, we even see top notch celebrities sporting some breathtaking crystals and stone jewelry. From Victoria Beckham to Bella Hadid, everyone seems to be harnessing the healing benefits of crystals and stones. Katy Perry even sleeps with one in her hand during the night.

Have you ever wondered about the health benefits of these stones and crystals and why are people interested in it in the first place? 

In this article, we’ve articulated the numerous benefits of using healing stones and crystals for overall well-being of a person. 

Reasons for Using Stones and Crystals for Healing

Crystals and stones are not only used for the beautification purpose, but they also have healing properties and are known to cure some ailments. For example, Topaz can help bring clarity while Amethyst is good for improving intuition. Moreover, various colorful stones and crystals are associated with the chakras in the body. Thus, crystals and stones can be used in various ways for getting optimal benefits. 

Listed below are some of the most common health benefits of using stones and crystals for healing:

1. Stones and Crystals Help in the Emotional Healing

Emotions can create invisible wounds which apparently doesn’t immediately impact your physical well-being.  However, if left unresolved, they can manifest themselves in form of physical ailments. Nevertheless, you can still see the immediate impact of unpleasant emotions on your mental well-being. Hence, the healing crystals and stones can help in soothing and calming those emotional wounds. 

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  • Aquamarine or Gold Topaz: For those, who feel a sense of abandonment, these stones are believed to help you connect to the universal feeling of motherhood. Thereby, it releases your sense of abandonment by connecting you to the higher being and the nature itself.
  • Sapphire: It may help in healing anxiety, depression and insomnia, 
  • Tiger’s eye:  It’s said to remove fear and self-doubt. 
  • Apache tears:  It’s a popular stone for emotional healing.

2. It Induces a Calming Effect

Most stones and crystals are said to create a calming effect on your soul and mind. Since crystals contain the healing energy of the earth, they have an energizing, stabilizing and calming impact on the wounded soul. When crystals or stones interact with the person, they allow positive energy to flow in the body while removing the negative energy. Hence, this creates a relaxing and calming effect. 

3. It Helps in Aligning Vibrations for Mental Clarity

 Each stone or crystal has a unique molecular composition, that projects in form of different vibrations. The stones’ vibrations are used to align your vibrations that further uplift one’s mood, impart mental clarity or simply help someone sleep better. Since crystals vibrate at the same pitch as humans, they can optimize the body’s own healing mechanism by clearing and energizing the energies. For instance, you can use Fluorite to improve mental clarity and focus. 

4. They’re Known to Improve Women’s Health

Crystals today are also being used to help women deal with issues like PMS, childbirth or infertility. 

  • Rose quartz is said to be the stone for love and heals the second chakra connected to the reproductive organs and menstrual cycles. 
  • Moon Stone is also used for regulating the menstrual cycle and balance hormones. In Chinese medicine, this stone is connected to the ren channel which is responsible for fertility. 

5. Crystals Harness the Healing Properties of Nature

All-natural stones and crystals carry within them the healing properties of earth, sun, moon and sometimes other planets, too. When you use a natural crystal, it can help you connect to the various energies of nature which benefits your physical, mental and emotional well-being. For example, 

  • Moonstone helps you harness the energies of the moon and helps stabilize emotions, reduce stress and promote calmness.  
  • Garnet can help you harness the energies of the sun and is said to detoxify the blood and keep the heart healthy. 

6. Crystals Help in Reducing Insomnia 

Lack of proper sleep can have an adverse effect on your physical and emotional well-being. Stones like Amethyst and Jasper can help you sleep better. Amethyst is said to remove the mind’s endless monologue that keeps you awake all night. It’s also effective for reducing nightmares. Place a piece of amethyst under your pillow to reduce restlessness and promote restful sleep. 

7. They are Known to Improve Digestive Health

Some crystals and stones have detoxing properties and can be used as preventive measures for digestive health. Carnelian helps with tissue regeneration and digestion. Carnelian is also used to improve liver, gall bladder, lungs, kidney, spleen, thyroid and pancreas. It can also help with certain eating disorders. 

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Ways to Use Healing Stones and Crystals:

  • Set an Intention: You need to have an internal goal or intention to achieve through these crystals. This implies you must program your crystal. To program the crystals, hold the crystal in your hands, think about your intention. The intentions should be precise for the crystal to work and mentally convey the message to the crystal to perform as intended. 
  • Carry your Stones: For your stones to work optimally, they should be in direct contact with you. This way, you can tap into that tremendous natural energy for healing optimally. You can either wear the stone as a pendant or keep it in your pocket or bag. 
  • Meditate with Them: You can use your crystals to connect to your spiritual energy by holding them while you meditate. 
  • Create A Bath Ritual: You can put some healing and detoxing stones in your bath once a week for relaxation and rejuvenation. However, make sure to use appropriate stones as not all stones can be kept in water. To enjoy some self-love and healing, throw in a rose quartz the next time you plan a bath ritual.

People Know They Don’t Create Miracles

So why should this be mentioned? Well, it’s important to know that it’s not inherently expected that stones and crystals create miracles. If you have an addiction, you’ll still need to drug detox, and crystals just can’t detox the body in that way. But regardless, stones and crystals can still be good.

They’re beautiful; even just looking at them will release some dopamine into the brain. They have a calming effect, and their beauty might even have something to do with that or even just the connection to nature these things have. They’re not miracle workers, and the average person knows that, but they still have the power to heal, and what’s not amazing about that?


Though there may not be any scientific evidence on the healing properties of stone and crystals, but they’ve been used since ages, for physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. While some stones have an energizing effect and others may be used to calm the nerves. Mostly all of them help remove negative energies and blockages, allowing the free flow of energy essential for one’s physical and emotional health. 

When buying crystals, remember to look for crystals that can be used to solve your specific problem. This way, you can get the maximum benefit from it. Ideally, you need to consult a spiritual master to guide you about the specific crystals and stones to help in your healing process.

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