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Top reasons why people prefer playing online lottery

Everyone is enchanted of having a healthy bank account and a life of financial freedom. This is true during a financial struggle, economic downturns, and global pandemic.

Just by mentioning lottery, the image of a giant-sized check with your name on it immediately pops in your head. To win the lottery is a dream of many people. Everyone is enchanted of having a healthy bank account and a life of financial freedom. This is true during a financial struggle, economic downturns, and global pandemic.

In this article, we will discuss the reasons why people play the lottery. 


Lottery like euromillions is considered the ultimate rescue fantasy. With few numbers and a mere dollar, it will give anyone a chance to become rich. During serious financial problems, sometimes, joining the lottery feels like the only way out of debt. This is also true when one feels miserable in his job and wish to quit or had a bad neighbor and wishes to relocate. 

People who are struggling financially will try to look at the odds and play the game. They do hope that they will win and improve their current living situation. 

Experiencing Near Misses 

In any euromillions gambling, there is a strange thing called ‘almost winning.’ This near-miss effect can be described as a very special type of failure that will help one reach a goal. The player will exert all attempts to come close to winning. However, in the end, he will become short of hitting their goal. 

In ball games like basketball or football, a near-miss experience will provide the player a useful memory. This will encourage them to continue with the game. As such, this will give the player some hope for the success of his future games. 

The same is true with the lottery. Those who come close to winning but misses it will take it as a sign that they should continue. 

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Availability Bias 

In psychology, availability bias will influence our perception of the likelihood of winning. Winning a huge amount of money seems possible if we have heard or seen about the recent winners. Traditional casinos use this tactic most of the time. This is the reason why they always publish the winners of the big jackpot in the entrance. We are never told about the millions of losers in the game. We only hear about the few big winners. 

Social Hive-Like Thinking 

Whenever the jackpot climbs very high at euro jackpot, you will often see people rush of new entries. This now creates social hive-like thinking. Thus, this will encourage many people to hurry and buy their lottery tickets since the jackpot is big. They want to be in the trend and be part of the excitement. 

Getting Something out of Nothing

Many people who play the lottery as eurojackpot get excited with the idea that they will get something out of nothing. Indeed, the lottery is the ultimate payoff. You can join the game with low risk and have a chance to earn big rewards if you are lucky.

Social Traps 

Some people have been into lotto for years. They feel like they are trapped. No one intentionally wanted to get caught in the trap. They just find themselves in this situation and they feel like they can’t give up now considering the money they’ve spent. 

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