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Toy-up: Male sex toys that will take your solo play to the next level

So, whether you are in the market for a new sex toy or just curious to see what’s out there, our guide will help you shed some light on the different types of sex toys to upgrade your solo actions.

We know perfectly well that masturbation can become a bit monotonous from time to time, despite the ever-changing porn and live content that makes it more intense. Lucky for us, the sex toy industry is constantly working to create new and exciting ways to spice up our playtime. 

From masturbators and penis sleeves to anal plugs and dildos, there’s plenty to try and enjoy. However, each brand and company offers something slightly different. Hence, trying to figure out which toy is the right fit for us can be overwhelming. 

So, whether you are in the market for a new sex toy or just curious to see what’s out there, our guide will help you shed some light on the different types of sex toys to upgrade your solo actions. 


Strokers are a well-known and popular sex toy among men. These toys are tunnel-shaped and slide over the cock to simulate the sensation of penetration. As with any sex toy, we can find cheaper and more expensive versions of strokers. 

Cheaper strokers

This type of stroker is usually very real-looking; the best ones even have vagina lips that move and stretch around the cock. Moreover, strokers consist of skin-like silicone, which adds to the real sex feel. 

We can find mouth shaped ones, strokers with pussy tunnel, anal tunnel, or 2-in-1s. Furthermore, the anal tunnel is often tighter than pussy shaped one to mimic anal sex. Both tunnels meet in the middle of the device. 

You can find two versions of the simple stroker: pocket-size and life-size. Pocket size stroker is both practical and amazing. Aside from the soft silicone texture, this toy has a ribbed tunnel to add to the pleasurable feeling. With pocket-sized stroker, we are the ones regulating the pressure.

The life-size version of this toy has a lot of details, with all the folds and dimples of a real women’s crotch. However, that’s not so surprising considering they are made using women as models.

All in all, simple strokers are handy, affordable and easy to clean.

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More expensive strokers

On the other hand, expensive male masturbators have many desirable features — from heating and vibrating to remote control and smartphone apps. These strokers also have multiple orifices to simulate different types of sex. Moreover, high-tech strokers can even use airflow to hit the most sensitive parts of the penis. 

Masturbation Sleeves

Masturbation sleeves are another cheap toy we can use to make things more interesting. These toys consist of a sloppy silicone blend, which makes them highly flexible but not sticky. Also, sleeves have textured surfaces or even plastic beads embedded into the material to massage the entire length of the shaft. 

Some masturbation sleeves have a closed end and create a vacuum with every thrust. With this feature, we have a quick blowjob at hand.

Cock Rings

Cock rings are stretchy bands that fit around the base of the penis. They create a slight pressure and restrict the blood flow, thus prolonging the time before orgasm and making the penis more sensitive. 

There are many types of cock rings, and they can be made from different materials. Some of them even have an additional ring for balls to produce a pleasurable tugging. 

If we add a few bucks, we can get a vibrating ring that makes a fantastic rumbling feeling near the base of the cock and the ballsack.

Penis Pumps

To help us with ED or soft erection, the kind sex toy makers have gifted us with penis pumps. Penis pumps increase blood flow to the cokc so that we can maintain an erection during our solo action. Moreover, if we combine the pump with a cock ring, we can prolong the playtime. 

Anal Toys

Since anal play can enhance any kind of sex life, why not give it a go during our solo time as well? We can try so many different types of butt plugs and dildos, depending on our experience and preference. Aside from various sizes, we have beaded toys, real-looking dildos, curved, straight, textured, smooth, or inflatable ones — to name a few. 

If you’ve never tried anal toys before, we recommend going for a beginner anal set that features multiple sized anal toys, a lube, an enema kit, and even a how-to book so you can skip the guesswork. 

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On the other hand, brave lads can opt for sex machines with dildo attachments. These machines will let us concentrate on our shaft while providing the most amazing anal stimulation. 

Prostate Toys

Prostate toys are similar to anal toys but not precisely the same. They are usually anatomically designed and have a curb to hit the P-spot every time. 

Stimulating the P-spot for the first time might sound a bit scary, so there are beginner versions of this toy as well. For masturbation time, we can choose long-handled prostate toys for easy access. And, if we are feeling adventurous, we can enhance the whole experience by using vibrating prostate toys.

Once we manage to combine regular orgasm with the prostate one, there’s no going back to the regular ol’ whacking. 

Sex Dolls 

Those of us who find that a hand and imagination are not enough have various dolls to try. Yes, we could use the cheap inflatable ones, but why would we? There are excellent, realistic dolls and body parts with a real skin-like feel to them. 

So, if we want to throw in a bit of butt squeezing or masturbate between a pair of huge, perky tits, sex dolls are there to fulfil all our naughty dreams, minus all the drama. 


The past year has taught us that being stuck at home alone can (and will) have us searching for more fun and creative ways to masturbate and upgrade our solo actions. 

There are plenty of sex toys that we can use, such as strokers, cock rings and sleeves, anal and prostate toys, or even sex dolls for a more realistic experience. In the end, it all depends on how much money we are willing to spend and how adventurous we are feeling. 

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