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TransMan Pilipinas: Introducing the transpinoys

In August 2012, TransMan Pilipinas was established as a form of movement to “educate the society that our community exists, so that we can be accepted without any discrimination.”

TransMan PilipinasIn August 2012, six transmen – Joshen Manuel, Nil Nodalo, Deiniel Cayosa, Ira Nunez, Prince Eagle, Jack Aquino, Red Tomines and Brent Argote – decided to form a group that was hoped to offer support to other transmen in the Philippines. That, at least, was the main goal in the establishment of TransMan Pilipinas (TMP) – a goal that, eventually, became some form of a movement to “educate the society that our community exists, so that we can be accepted without any discrimination,” said Joshen Manuel, now a member of the board of directors.

Yet even if still considered a novice in LGBT advocacy, TMP has been finding success in achieving its goals. As a support group, “(we) make sure that we meet (our members) every quarter to continue educating and supporting them emotionally, physically and spiritually,” Joshen said, adding that “we are sorting out new strategies in maintaining the vision and mission of TMP.” Also, to educate the community about the existence of transmen, “we were able to conduct symposiums, attended Pride March last December 2012, (provided with talking slots in) different universities, and (were given) TV interviews.”

As Joshen stresses that TMP “is not only a support group or an organization, but we are one big family and we care sincerely,” the group eyes for stability. “We want the society to recognize our organization… so we can continue educating and helping others.” Efforts lined up include: Trans 101 lectures for members and non-members, team building activities, a fun run and fund raising projects not necessarily for TMP, but “for those who are in need”.

And with these, TMP is giving transpinoys an admirable face.

For those interested to be a part of TransMan Pilipinas, submit the application form available in the group’s Facebook page. The TMP membership manager Prince Eagle, and membership coordinator Ira Nunez will conduct interviews of the applicants via Skype. Once accepted, they will be notified thru e-mail or phone. After that, they will be automatically added to the official list of members.


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