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Watch this space for unique watch gifts

If you’re looking for something unique to surprise a friend or a relative who has everything they need, here are some watches they will find nowhere else. Dare we say: These gifts are no waste of time.

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It’s that time of the year when you need to shop for Christmas presents. If you’re not traveling to see your family and friends due to the pandemic, it’s a good idea to start your hunt for the perfect gift early. Watches remain a favorite because of their versatile characteristics. You can buy a watch for people of any gender, age, and sexuality without any fear of offending them. Besides, who wouldn’t want a cool and stylish watch to start 2021? 

However, if you’re looking for something unique to surprise a friend or a relative who has everything they need, here are some watches they will find nowhere else. Dare we say: These gifts are no waste of time.

A vintage item that tells a story

There’s something oddly touching about buying someone a vintage item. But you can also tie your gift back to their interests. For instance, avid automobile enthusiasts would appreciate a vintage Michelin poster with Bibendum – the Michelin man. You’d be surprised to know that watches can be just as iconic.

Indeed, it can be tricky to buy an art lover a unique painting. But you can get them a used Patek Philippe watch, a brand that Pablo Picasso used to wear. A Patek Philippe is a luxury watch, which means the cheapest new model doesn’t sell under $16,900. Yet, a used collection can make some famous models more affordable.


Pride-inspired watch that does everything others do, but better

Life is not all rainbow and unicorns, especially for the LGBTQIA community. The pandemic is discriminatory. It has been affecting minority communities aggressively, putting LGBT populations at high risk. Indeed, the LGBT community is more likely to be insecurely housed, which makes self-isolation difficult.

Those who have HIV treatment have reported disruptions during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. In other words, this Christmas, a rainbow smartwatch is the most relevant and meaningful present you can give to a friend. 


A quirky ring watch that’s cutely practical

Do all watches sit on your wrist? We all have a creative friend who does her own things with passion. As practical as a watch can be, it can feel a little bit too dull for someone who has made creativity a lifestyle. Yet, a finger ring watch can bring an edgy feeling to your present. Ring watches work exactly like your typical wristwatch. But, the clue is in the name; they sit on your finger. While you can find them more and more, they are pretty unusual in horology, making them the perfect time companion for an unusual friend. 

A decimal watch for those who love a math challenge

There’s always a brainbox that can quote the Big Bang Theory backward. We all have a friend who reminds us of Sheldon and who seems to understand everything quicker than everyone else. So, how is a watch going to surprise them? Here’s the thing: Revolutionary France created the decimal watch, which divides the day into 10 hours. Decimal clocks and watches still exist, but they need to be ordered from specialist horlogerie companies. You can be sure they’ll enjoy this unique mathematical challenge! 

Watches are a universal gift. They can meet the needs of every personality and individual. But, more importantly, at the end of a tough year, they’re a thoughtful present that lets your loved one know how much you think of them. It’s the extra little hand to go through the end of a global pandemic.

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