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Ways how expressive writing can enhance your mental health

This article will educate students on how expressive writing could assist them in boosting their mental health and achieving their academic desires.

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Writing is an art that everyone does not possess. Whereas some people can write excellent papers effortlessly within a short time, others need to spend almost the entire day writing and rewriting their content. One clear thing is that everyone can enhance their writing skills with enough practice. Did you know that the benefits of writing excellent papers supersede just scoring excellent grades?

Most students do not perform well academically because they do not know how to deal with incidents of depression and anxiety. There is no doubt that students are required to accomplish so much within a short duration. Sometimes, students are assigned many assignments that have short deadlines. In addition to their studies, students have to attend to their part-time jobs and still spare sufficient time to rest.

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Researchers believe that learning how to deal with stress, depression, and anxiety successfully could assist a student in making more accomplishments. However, on the contrary, not knowing how to deal with tension successfully could lead to emotional and physical stress symptoms. One of the fascinating things about expressive writing is that it aids students in expressing their feelings, intentions, emotions, ideas, and beliefs without the fear of being criticized, judged, or examined by others. Expressive writing helps the writer come to terms with the circumstances, experiences, and events happening in their lives. This article will educate students on how expressive writing could assist them in boosting their mental health and achieving their academic desires.

Before we discuss the benefits of expressive writing, students should always remember that whenever they are writing, the most important thing is for them to describe their emotions or what they are experiencing genuinely. In addition, they should strive to address what they are experiencing as it is taking place in their lives without minding about using the correct language, grammar, or punctuation. The most imperative thing is to try to describe and write something the way you experience it. The second most important thing to note is when you are writing. Researchers believe that expressive writing should be done at a specific time of the day daily. It is advisable to write in the evening or night when you have completed your daily activities. It would be best to also settle for a place where there is no destruction and where you will be calm. It would be to avoid crowded and noisy places. Finally, you should write about something that is stressing or bothering you.

Expressive writing helps students in dealing with depression

As mentioned in the introduction, most students in high learning institutions deal with various challenges. Whereas some students are finding it difficult to finance their studies, others have to attend to more than three part-time jobs to be able to finance their campus needs. On the same note, the pressure to complete assignments within a short period might make students become stressed. In addition, sometimes, a student might spend the entire semester revising for a specific unit but still end up scoring low grades. Such incidents and many others might make students stressed. One of the great things about expressive writing is that it allows students to write about their unresolved trauma and experiences, which ultimately aid them in having a different perception regarding their experiences. Expressive writing helps students to get through various incidents within a short duration. A study was conducted on 150 students who were dealing with depression. The students were requested to participate in a 15 minutes expressive writing session for five consecutive days. Fortunately, after two weeks, the students expressed lower symptoms of depression. In essence, expressive writing helps students in dealing with depression.

Expressive writing helps students in dealing with anxiety

Like depression, many students in high learning institutions are dealing with incidents of anxiety. According to researchers, scholars suffering from anxiety can have symptoms such as fatigue, muscle and joint pain, headaches, stomachaches, and breathing difficulty. Cases of anxiety, if not dealt with early, may have disastrous impacts on a student’s life. The above symptoms could make it challenging for the students to complete their assignments or even revise for their oncoming examinations. Expressive writing entails a thought process connected to various activities or experiences. Students who know how to deal with anxiety often perform well academically compared with those who do not have any idea concerning the same. Therefore, if you have difficulty coping with incidents of anxiety, you might consider using the expressive writing technique.

Expressive writing helps students in dealing with stress

Stress is part and parcel of life. Regardless of whether you are a student, a graduate, a parent, rich, or poor, the truth is that everyone is susceptible to stress. Common origins of stress among students include poor academic performance, a massive pile of assignments, and the pressure to fit into a group of people. Most students dealing with stress often avoid socializing with other students and prefer spending time in isolation. If you have been looking for a way to deal with stress for the longest time to no avail, you might consider trying expressive writing. The technique has been helpful among students, business organizations, and big corporates.

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There are many films portraying colleges as exciting places where students have fun, make friends, and use their time the way that pleases them. The truth is that college life is not as exciting as portrayed. Scholars have to complete a massive pile of assignments within a short duration, they have to spend sleepless nights completing their projects, and creating meaningful friendships is never that easy. Students should be educated on the different ways to take care of their mental health. Otherwise, the chances are high that depression, anxiety, and stress incidents will never cease to exist in high learning institutions.

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