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Ways to Improve Handwriting Skills for Career Opportunity in Writing

While we live in a digital age and most of our work and correspondence is created using a laptop or handheld device, handwriting still has an important place in our lives and livelihood. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of handwriting.

Learning to handwrite and improving your handwriting skills is highly advantageous for doing any kind of job. The practice of handwriting brings many benefits, and each one can help us get better at thinking, articulating and focusing. Further, the more we practice our handwriting and the better we become, the more likely it is we can find work in writing careers. And there are plenty of careers available that involve an element of handwriting.

Why is handwriting important?

Knowing how to handwrite is an incredibly valuable skill. While we live in a digital age and most of our work and correspondence is created using a laptop or handheld device, handwriting still has an important place in our lives and livelihood. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of handwriting.

It is still a needed skill

Just because most of our writing is done on a computer these days, that doesn’t mean there aren’t times when we still have no choice but to handwrite, if we want to be successful. For example, the majority of exams are still handwritten, and many documents require a handwritten signature. We may need to scribble down instructions for someone, or write out a shopping list. There are many reasons why it’s still important to know how to write by hand.

Handwriting reinforces our language skills

Writing by hand is a slower process than writing on a keyboard. One of the benefits of this is that it requires us to slow down and think about what we are writing and how we articulating things. It gives our brains more time to think about how we want to phrase things and express ourselves. All of this supports the development of our overall language skills.

Rids you of the distractions of digital

Writing by hand is something that requires our full attention. And there is nothing else distracting on a piece of paper. Writing on a computer, on the other hand, means there is a screen in front of us—the same screen that gives us access to what other people are doing, how they are living their lives and whether anyone has tried to get in touch with us in the last five minutes. The temptation to check our emails and social media accounts is a lot more tempting when we write on a screen.

Improving your handwriting skills

Thinking about improving your handwriting skills is worthwhile, particularly if you’re looking for a career in writing. Let’s take a look now at how to improve handwriting skills.

1. First, you should go about choosing the right pen to improve handwriting skills. For beginners, a stainless steel bolt action pen is ideal as it is sturdy, has great glide and is hardwearing, so you can carry it with you at all time. Other pens you can consider include the lighter weight EDC ballpoint pen in titanium or aluminum. Particularly if you have a small build, or a weaker wrist or hand, as these lighter metals are less taxing if you are planning to write for a long period of time. Don’t forget also, to choose a pen that suits your visual style. That way, you are more likely to treasure it and avoid losing it. If you would like something a little different, try a pen in heat-colored titanium, or with a chic carbon fiber finish. You could also consider brass or copper. The more you love your pen, you more likely it is you will carry with you, and ultimately, use it.

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2. Second, find examples of handwriting you would like to emulate. Make sure you take into consideration your own style. Do your letters lean backwards slightly? Do you prefer cursive? Do you like to write large, sweeping letters? Don’t try to drift too far from your natural style as it will be more difficult to maintain consistency when using different muscle movements.

3. Thirdly, practice, practice, practice. The best way to improve your handwriting is to keep doing it. As we’ve discussed, not only does practicing improve the style of your handwriting but it also improves the way you think and memorize information, and articulate yourself. The more you write by hand, the more you will perfect yourself for the career in writing that you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you want to be a novelist, a corporate or marketing copywriter, an academic, or a salesperson, having and honing your handwriting skills will lead to great benefits in landing you that perfect job and equipping you for success.

Even if you decide you would like a different career, it is never a bad idea to improve your handwriting as it will bring benefit to your life in many other areas.

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