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What are the basic requirements to qualify for a payday loan?

Lacking the money to pay your bills on time doesn’t mean life is over, that’s why loan lenders give out payday loans. However, how exactly can one secure the loans?

Everyone faces that budgetary emergency at some point, sometimes even before his or her paycheck is due. Lacking the money to pay your bills on time doesn’t mean life is over, that’s why loan lenders give out payday loans. However, how exactly can one secure the loans?

Payday loans come in handy when monetary predicaments such as bills to pay face you, as they are not hard to come by if you have a job. Also known as cash advances, they are typically short-term and high-interest loans that lenders give to borrowers based on their subsequent earnings. Although these loans are easily available at Moneycat Philippines even when you do not qualify for an actual bank loan or have bad credit, it is crucial to know their cons as well to avoid unnecessary piled-up debts.

What Makes You Qualified for Payday Loans?

Unlike many online loans, not all borrowers can access cash advances. The loan sharks weigh on whether you are able to make the loan payment from your next income or not. Meaning they go through your credit history to see if you are eligible. The basic requirements include the following:

  1. Be at least 18 years of age
  2. Have an active checking account
  3. Provide proof of income or job
  4. Possess a valid identification
  5. Have an active phone number

Tips for a Successful Payday Loan Application

Applying for these loans can be an easy task if you know the drill. Apart from the personal information such as phone number and identification, and income details like the job and the income amount, you have to be aware of important tips to make the application process as flawless as possible.

i. Have a job

For cash advances, proof of the next paycheck is vital, otherwise, you won’t qualify. Moneylenders require that their borrowers provide employment proof to secure the money they lend to them. In this regard, it is crucial to get a job first before you apply for a loan or meet up with them. The lender uses the estimate of your pay to consider how much money they can lend you.

ii. Borrow what you can afford

Money that gets into one’s hands is so sweet, yet making the payment always puts people in a quagmire. Safe to say, the experience is bittersweet. Only borrow the amount you will be able to pay back and avoid huge sums that are likely to lead you on the path of debt. Not to mention that the huge request might put off the lender and diminish your chances of accessing the funds. Check out the interest rates to see if you will be able to pay back on time.

Most states have laws stipulating the maximum amount you can borrow, though the qualifying amounts vary from individual to individual.

iii. Improve your credit ratings

Most payday lenders only run through the earnings you receive instead of your consistency of loan repayments. As much as they are more likely to give funds to borrowers with bad credit ratings provided they meet the set conditions, improving your credit is crucial. This way you are able to seek more money in the future and enjoy more financial benefits. You can do this by paying off your loans timely and consistently.

iv. Know your credit score

As already mentioned, not all money mongers go through your credit details. They will simply grant you the funds you need, even when you have bad credit. Knowing where your credit score lies is dire to avoid complacency where payday lenders are concerned. Depending on your state, payday lending laws vary. Some prohibit borrowers from taking many loans and specify how much the lenders can collect from the interests.


Everyone experiences budgeting demands at one point and what other way to escape the bullet than by getting a quick financial fix? Your loan qualifications depend on both your personal as well as your income information. Nonetheless, considering the salient points regarding payday loans will ease your experience in terms of the process.

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