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What exactly are the mechanics of a jackpot casino game?

Above everything else, while it’s fun to fantasize about winning the big jackpot, it’s always so much more fun to play sensibly.

In movies and television shows, we’ve seen enough shots of people winning large jackpots at casinos in the UK. Indeed, large jackpot wins on slots in locations like Las Vegas frequently make headlines. So how do the prizes in those games work in practice? What is the secret behind the big jackpot wins on slots? Is there a reasonable possibility of victory?

 In some ways, responding to the first question gives an explanation to the second. And, when we split it all down, you might be surprised at how a game’s technicians determine Jackpot prizes. 

To begin, let us define a jackpot game at its most basic level. If you pay for a typical slot machine, it will use a random number generator (RNG) to give the outcomes. 

Nobody, including that of the casino’s operators, will understand exactly how and when that match will pay, so you should disregard the myths and crazy theories about particularly unique hot and cold buttons that a cunning casino owner can still use. 

The RNG will set the conditions for the game, which means how much that will pay back over the years. The figure is known as the RTP (return to player), and it functions similarly to an assured house edge in reverse. For instance, a classic slot machine may have an RTP of 96 per cent, implying that the casino will profit by 4 per cent.

Jackpot prizes funded by players

Officially, the RTP is 96.03 per cent, but an additional 1% of that may be paid into the progressive jackpot. In short, 1% of each spin will be compensated into a jackpot fund that will grow exponentially until the prize is won by one of the players. 

How is the winner chosen? It all comes back to the RNG. It will choose a random number, say $1,983,938.17, and the spin that keeps pushing the jackpot to that quantity will win the contest.

Once again, the casino operator will be unaware of that figure because it is chosen at random (within certain parameters). To know more about better gameplay for classic slots online and to understand how Slot Tournaments Work, In slot tournaments, players are given a certain amount of credits and a particular time slot. 

To win this tournament, they must play through their credits during the specified time frame given. The winner of the slot tournament is declared with the player having the biggest credit amount at the end.

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Now that we understand how a prize is bankrolled, we can calculate the likelihood of winning a progressive jackpot. Consider if the median stake for each spin is $1, which means that each time a person plays, a cent is compensated into the jackpot prize. 

That means 100,000,000 spins will be required to increase the reward by one million dollars. As you can see, it’s a long shot that your spin will be the lucky one.

Games favor high-stakes

However, if we return to the point where about 1% of each spin is paid into the fund, it implies that high stakes people would pay more into the pot of money. Consider a player who is playing $0.50 spins versus a player who is playing $50 spins. 

The aforementioned will contribute half a per cent to the jackpot pot of money for each spin, while the latter will contribute 50 cents. It may seem like a small difference, but it implies that the high stakes player (in this type of situation) is 100 times more likely to win the jackpot than that of the low stakes player.


As the numbers show, it’s better to consider playing the games with much the same caution that you would when purchasing a lottery ticket. There are many other ways of winning in the gameplay, of course, and also some modern non-jackpot slots are configured to offer massive payouts regardless. 

Above everything else, while it’s fun to fantasize about winning the big jackpot, it’s always so much more fun to play sensibly.

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