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What you need to know before visiting France

With the coming of the Covid -19 pandemic, there are restrictions in place for these visiting France.

France is known to be one of the best traveling destinations in the world. However, with the coming of the Covid -19 pandemic, there are restrictions in place for these visiting France.

Here are some of the things you need to do before you leave.

Covid-19 restrictions

The first thing that you needs to know is that the country has given the green light to anyone who wants to visit the country where they can play casino online games freely. However, you can only visit France if your country has also allowed people to go in and out. 

Apart from that, the other restriction is that only those with valid reasons as to why they want to visit France yet they are unvaccinated will be allowed in. Some of the reasons that are being considered include family situations, and important business or official visits.

The covid-19 situation in France 

It’s no secret that France is one of the countries that has been severely affected by the pandemic. So far the country has recorded over 6.9 million cases with a record of 115.941 deaths. Despite the numbers dropping in the past month the cases have surged begin. This makes the country a hotspot of the disease. However just like most countries the country is making efforts to make sure that its population is vaccinated. This then brings us back to the restrictions that they have put for travelers.

What travelers should expect

Ever since the I introduction of lockdown right country has eased some restrictions for local travelers. Those coming from outside the country will have to comply with the other restriction provided they have shown a health pass instead of going to land-base casino just visit best payout online casinos from the comfort of your home in that way we reducing the numbers in casinos.


You may still feel like you want to visit France now but then looking at the statistics it’s still a wise decision that you stay home. However, if you have all the traveling requirements that need you can still go. Before you go make sure that you know all the information there is to know about France currently.

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