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When love is gone…

Writing to Outrage Magazine, David from Scotland, who is almost 62, wishes to share his story; one where, in the end, he was left by the person he calls as the most important woman in his life. And now he wishes to find his way back into her heart.

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David from Scotland, who is almost 62, wishes to share a true story – his story; one where, in the end, he was left by the person he calls as the most important woman in his life.

In August 2012, David decided to try online dating.  He was reluctant at first, “but then, a miracle happened,” he recalled, when “an amazing younger woman responded.”

The younger woman is a transpinay.

As a straight man stepping into her world, “I accepted it, embraced it,” David said.  In fact, for three times last year, David traveled three times from Scotland to General Santos City. “I met her family, and was welcomed,” David recalled.

But when “she came here (to Scotland) for six months… I hid the truth from my family.”

David realized too late that “now after my lack of appreciating her and how precious she is and always will be, I lost my future with her.  Friends, I lost the most pure, honest love I will ever know.  My God, the pain is terrible knowing I can never hold her again. I worry each day since she said it was over…”

David feels remorse, and is ashamed.  “(I) regret never marrying her,” he said.

As he wrote to Outrage Magazine, David said that “all I can end is with this: she knows her pet name – Cupcake. I don’t want to embarrass her, but I know she no longer loves me. I will always be in love with the most incredible woman in the world. I wrote this for her, though it is not her name, anyway. She taught me humility above all else, and (how) to be strong, (to) survive. I pray for her, am deeply deeply in love with her though. Sorry it is more pain than I can bear, have ever known. How I wish I could get back home to her, and just hold her marry her and die in her arms…”

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This, he said, “is my last chance in life for perfect happiness…”

Straight from the heart

I wish the days were ours again
And you loved me again my dear
But now the pain, is too great
And I cannot face life’s fears

I wish I had been a better man
Stronger just for you

But I failed you far too often
And know I will never again hold you

I wish you were here right now
I would hold you, never let you go

But you are free free at last Aimee
How I pray, you had never let me go

In all the days, in all my life
It is you and you alone
That saw the man deep within
But I cannot journey on alone

There is no final chance, as you said goodbye
On the phone today
May our Lord, walk with you, Mama, and family
Never turn from you each day

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My love is yours, though I know
The love once mine is gone

I miss you more and more I will
Oh Hon. But one chance. To marry you
Alas is gone

“I love her – yes a transgender. Am proud to know her but lost her through stupidity,” David acknowledged. And just as he said “salamat for letting this fool share,” he is saddened that “I lost my life with her. Hon, can you forgive me? Will you marry me? If I came over as soon as possible?”


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