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Where to buy tote bag promotions

This article explores the option of tote bags as an important product in the promotion’s world. Let’s find out why.

Do you have an event that you are planning for? Or, maybe, you are part of a group and are looking to gift items to everyone? Regardless of the use or the event, promotional items are not only useful but to some extent expected in the world of event planning. Have you ever been a guest to an event and not gotten anything? It isn’t that big of a deal, but it can make you feel a little left out. When you do get something as part of the group or event, you get a much better feeling of personal attention and consideration. 

The point is, promotional items should always be part of a group or event if you are looking for a lasting relationship with the guests or members. This article explores the option of tote bags as an important product in the promotion’s world. Let’s find out why below.

What Type of Promotional Items are Best?

There are a couple considerations that go into picking the best promotional item for your event. You don’t want to match up a promotional item that doesn’t appeal to the larger community that you are targeting. Rather, you want it to make sense. For instance, if you are organizing a wedding, maybe a photo album or a bottle opener would fit nicely. You wouldn’t want to give away computer mouse pads. That would be odd and slightly weird. You would end up making people feel awkward instead of welcome.

The benefits of a promotional item are based in their marketing utility, at least for the organizers. As an organization or individual, you want to spread the word about your brand, event, business, product, or services. That marketing is lasting power, which means you want people to take the promotional product home and use it for an extended period of time. Something that has lasting utility, it would reason, would have a greater marketing impact than something that didn’t last till the end of the day. A disposable plastic kazoo might be fun, but it will never last the night and never have any marketing power later when the participants return home.

So, in review of the above generalities, there are two primary considerations when thinking about what type of promotional item you want to buy. First, you need to make sure that the item matches the purpose of the event, or at least that the product doesn’t clash with the purpose of the event. Second, you want to ensure that the product will last more than a day if you are truly thinking about having a successful marketing strategy.

What Types of Bags Are Best for Promotions?

A tote bag is an amazing and probably one of the best promotional items you can give out. Why? Let’s break it down. Think about the last time you went to a conference or an event. Did they give out more than one item? Did you carry it all in your hands? Did you buy anything? Hopefully, you answered the above in a way that indicated that you used a bag to carry things around, or at least that a bag would have been useful. The benefit of a bag as a promotional item is that everyone at the conference or event sees you with it and sees the logo on it. Further, people won’t through it out and usually proactively grab them at events just because they know that bags are necessary at these things to carry stuff around during the day.

Tote bags are also useful beyond the actual event. What do you use around the house or to go shopping, camping, overnights, or grocery buying? Often you just need an open bag to through things into without worry about it. It doesn’t need to be fancy. It just needs to work. So, the tote bag is your home go-to shopping and general utility bag. Those promotional bags aren’t thrown out. They are kept for as long as they are held together. The sturdier they are the longer they will last as free marketing.

Should I Buy at Wholesale?

You basically have two options when you go to build your supplies. You could buy everything off the shelf or you could go to a wholesaler like If you buy everything off the self you are apt to not get as many as you need; you may not get the styles that you want; you may not be able to customize them; and you will have to pay retail prices. The benefit of going straight to a wholesale distributor is that you can cut out the middle man and just buy at the discounted price. You can get whatever you need in the volume that you want, fully customized, and fully compliant with your style and quality requirements.

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