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Why making your business fun, helps everything

How on earth will they get workers to come back to the office if it will just be business as usual? There needs to be more done for employees to feel healthy at work, both physically and mentally.

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The workplace and the wellness of the employee are now the two hot topics for employers and regulators. How on earth will they get workers to come back to the office if it will just be business as usual? There needs to be more done for employees to feel healthy at work, both physically and mentally.

One of the areas people are focussing on is having access to the gym due to memberships from work. It could also help if employees could have access to mental health support at work and not just be recommended services by the employer. Not to mention, having fun at work and managers as well as executives playing their part to boost the morale of employees at all levels.

Having game days

Every financial quarter, if businesses had just one day of fun at work, it could boost the morale of employees. Maybe one slow Friday, the business works for half the day and then everyone starts to play games. This could be simple games like Pictionary, card games, and perhaps even intricate board games that require strategy and teamwork. You should also order some food to the office so workers don’t have to go outside and stand in a queue to get their lunch. Not only do employees get to have fun and enjoy a niche meal at work, but they could also get closer with colleagues they hardly interact with on a daily basis. Not to mention, they can also see the value of seeing their colleagues in another light and not just as someone they work with.

Make the workspace fun

Putting some cool APIs on the dashboards of your employees could be so fun. Maybe a superhero API, which displays quotes and facts about various superheroes could make life a little less stressful for someone. Perhaps a slapbot that gives one-liners when you click on it, could make a sad employee smile. If you could allow such things like these APIs to be on the dashboard of your employees, they could try and take some of the stress of the tasks off their shoulders, have a laugh, not take their situation to heart and refocus for the problems they are facing in a new way.

Managers need to have fun too

There’s a hierarchy at every place of work and the managers are the management line that have more power over the rest of the workforce. So, seeing them have a day where they can relax and have fun too, boosts the team spirit. Managers should try to be a little more creative every now and again, by wearing a funny hat, being ironic about their power and showing their subordinates that they aren’t always serious.

Business should be more fun more of the time. Having one fun day of games every 3 months could be something your work culture is crying out for, to better relationships and take the heat out of a tense office.

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