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Wolf Gold

Despite the graphics being perhaps a little too retro when you consider the potential beauty of the theme, Wolf Gold is still a tremendous piece of online slot engineering.

The Native Americans are one of the most persecuted peoples in the whole of human history, effectively losing large swathes of their ancient lands to US expansion in the 1800s. Even now they are subject to the occasional land grab, with the building of a new pipeline through sacred grounds hitting the media a few years ago – try Gold Rush Slot.

It is sad, because these people often live in a way that is a lot more in touch with the world around us, and use a variety of different symbols to designate various things. It is something that developers Pragmatic Play have obviously been thinking about with their new online slot Wolf Gold, a game that takes the spirit of Native America, bringing it into the online slot industry. Let’s take a look, shall we? 

About Wolf Gold and its bonus features 

Whilst it does employ a Native American kind of theme, there aren’t actually any humans visible during Wolf Gold, with Pragmatic Play instead choosing an aesthetic that is closer to the natural world if anything. It is also clear that they have gone in on a slightly nostalgic angle here, with the slot symbols and background all having an 80s kind of feel to them, something that many slot gamblers will certainly love. Upon the fairly standard 5 reel grid configuration you can expect to see a variety of animals such as a bull, eagle, puma and wild horse, alongside some classic Native American icons too. There is also a rather pleasant panpipe soundtrack in the background to accompany your reel spinning experience, a nice touch by Pragmatic Play. 

In terms of bonus features, the one that is going to whet people’s lips the most is the fact that Wolf Gold has three different jackpots, all in different sizes. There is a mini jackpot of 7,500 coins, a major jackpot of 25,000, and a mega jackpot of 250,000 coins. That last one is pretty big, right? And gamblers will be happy to know that a certain number of special moon symbols are the ticket to get there.

Wolf Gold also has a scatter icon that is designated by a red rock with a sun setting in the background. This will grant you up to five free spins, where the reels two to four also turn into one huge symbol, resulting in some significant wins. 

About pragmatic play and other slots by them 

Pragmatic Play are newcomers on the block having only been established in 2015, however you certainly wouldn’t think it judging by the strength of their already quite large back-catalogue. Characterized by attention to detail and innovative themes, their games have really turned a lot of heads in recent years. take a look at some of these, for example: 

  • 3 Genie Wishes
  • Panther Queen
  • Tales Of Egypy
  • The Catfather 

Wolf Gold: The verdict 

Despite the graphics being perhaps a little too retro when you consider the potential beauty of the theme, Wolf Gold is still a tremendous piece of online slot engineering. The mega jackpot is also one of the biggest available these days.

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