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XRoads Bar eyes June opening

A new bar, named XRoads (pronounced as “crossroads”) eyes a June opening, aiming to be the first bar in the Philippines to truly aim to cater to the whole spectrum of the LGBT community.

A special place for special people.

A new bar, named XRoads Bar (pronounced as “crossroads”), is slated to open as the newest LGBT place in Ortigas Center in Metro Manila.

According to its general manager, Chris Hancock, the neighborhood style bar “will be a great place to meet old or new friends, and be able to have a conversation.”

Focusing on the 30 years and older crowd, including foreigners and discrete men/women, XRoads Bar will feature unique entertainment choices that are not widely available in Metro Manila, and even in the country, such as a piano bar, cowboy line dancing as well as a traditional dance floor, and a pool table. It will also be an alternative venue for people preferring a more intimate bar experience, while offering a selection of draft beers, and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

“XRoads is the first bar in the Philippines that truly aims to cater to the whole spectrum of the LGBT community. Gear towards an older clientele, the bar will offer a wide variety of entertainment that will appeal to its target demographics. It seeks to provide a conducive setting for bonding and entertainment,” said Philip Castro, who owns the venue.

The bar is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

In the mornings of Tuesday to- Saturday, XRoads Bar aims to serve the call center crowd who work USA support shifts, “so they can end their day with a beer”, said Hancock.

Evenings are eyed to be more active. On Wednesday, there will be free line dance lessons and practice on the second floor, while the bar is open downstairs. On Thursday, the second floor will be allocated for girls’ night-out, while the bar downstairs is open. Every Friday, there is a club scene upstairs. Saturdays are eyed for line dancing on the second floor.  Meanwhile, on Sundays, XRoads Bar offers “drain the keg” and other mid-afternoon events beginning at about 11:00AM and closing around 7:00PM on the ground floor; while the second floor is for-girls only.

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XRoads Bar is also eyeing to help out LGBT organizations by providing venue for their functions in its effort to give back to the community. “We will partner with NGOs to promote their advocacy and mission,” Castro said.

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