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Your next adventure in robotics: Getting ready for your best build yet

Whether you’re entering into a competition, or building robots and the like is for personal gain and satisfaction, you’ll understand the time, dedication and hard work that’s involved in making your ideas a reality. Therefore, the ideas, planning and preparation stage are crucial to the success of your whole project, and you’ll need to prioritize your schedule wisely.



If you’re a novice or even a seasoned hobbyist; you’ll always be looking out for your next challenge. Whether you’re entering into a competition, or building robots and the like is for personal gain and satisfaction, you’ll understand the time, dedication and hard work that’s involved in making your ideas a reality. Therefore, the ideas, planning and preparation stage are crucial to the success of your whole project, and you’ll need to prioritize your schedule wisely. From designing what you want to build to gathering your components together, to finally putting the finishing touches on your creation; it’s important to embrace and enjoy each step of the process. So, it’s worth writing some thorough lists now, and getting your head around the time, work, and money you may need to invest.

Ensure that you give yourself plenty of contingency; the beauty of building robotics is that sometimes things improve and evolve along the way so that changes can mean more investment in various areas.

Once you’ve moved past the planning, designing, and list writing stage; the real fun can start. You can begin collating together what you’ll need, and organize your space so that it’s a productive and efficient environment. It’s worth clearing out the clutter so that you’re not reaching for anything you don’t need, and making sure that everything has its place, and is within easy reach of your workbench. Now it’s time to schedule in some time for yourself, and let your loved ones know that when your phone’s turned off; you’re busy creating your vision.

A schedule will be crucial if you’re planning to enter a competition or exhibition of any sort, so make sure that your diary is planned out thoroughly, and you have a clear idea of how long each step may take. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for those ready to embark on their next robot build, and want it to be a successful and enjoyable experience (with great results).

Equipment and Components Are Key

You’ll probably already understand that your equipment and the components you use to build your robot are essential to its success and function. Therefore, you’ll need to consider each part, and invest in the items needed. Bear in mind that you may have to shop around for various items so that you get the best price and quality for your project.

If you’re not planning to head to a hobby shop and buy everything in one kit (where’s the fun in that?); you’ll need to research into where you can get the best BLDC motors, switches, and distance sensors from, and stock up accordingly. Beginners can find a great (and thorough) list here: so that you can get to grips with all the essentials to put on your shopping list.

You’ll also need the right equipment, or tools for each part of your build. So it’s vital that you have a working glue gun and screwdrivers that are small enough for the most intricate of jobs. You want your robot to remain sturdy and strong, as well as functioning; therefore, it’s important to affix everything firmly at each stage. This is where your decision-making skills need to be confident so that you don’t end up regretting anything you’ve glued.

Define Your Bot

When you’re fully stocked up and ready to roll; it’s important that you’ve got all the extra elements that will help to define your bot. You need to decide what it is it will do, and if you’re entering it into competition; how will it stand up against other robots? Think about more than just movement; you might want your robot to have sound when it hits something before it moves on in a new direction. Therefore, you’ll need to ensure that you’re DIY roving bot doesn’t fall short on its beeps, chimes, and tunes.

Look into the software available to you; Arduino microcontroller boards are a popular option for hobbyists, because it gives you the freedom to upload sketches from your computer to your bot’s memory in real time. The hardware and software designs in the Arduino are open to change and plenty of modification; this chimes back to the fact your robot may evolve naturally throughout the process. The fun is discovering what works best, and building something even more capable than you first imagined. However you go about building your bot; do as much in the planning stages as possible, so that making changes becomes a breeze, and you’ll be onto your next project before you know it.  


Even seniors can benefit from using technology – Here’s how

The biggest struggle in terms of demographics in ages when it comes to technology are the older generations. This has nothing to do with their refusal to learn, but more the times these innovations were introduced.



Everything these days is centered around technology.  Children grow up surrounded by it, forcing people to adapt to an ever changing society.  If you aren’t prepared to change along with technology, you may get left behind. 

The biggest struggle in terms of demographics in ages when it comes to technology are the older generations.  This has nothing to do with their refusal to learn, but more the times these innovations were introduced.  This translates to a tougher time adjusting even if they were to embrace it because of how far into their lives they have to now learn something new.  But once they embrace and are able to use technology, there are so many ways that they will find a benefit in their lives.


Accessibility is one of the biggest beneficiaries seniors will find when it comes to adopting the technology.  Some seniors find it hard to get around, due to an illness or their old age. So being able to access information about things they need like treatments, medicines or medical devices is made easier for them with the help of technology. All they need is a gadget that connects to the internet and they can easily visit CPOE and read up on their different medical-related content. Helping them make smarter medical decisions. There have been many innovations made that seniors might find that wouldn’t be available if technology had not been a contributing factor.

Friends and Family

With technology, keeping in contact with our friends is made easier.  Things like social media allow us to connect and communicate in ways that we would never have been able to do decades ago.  As funny as videos are of parents trying to figure out video applications like Skype, these programs are perfect for keeping in touch over distance and despite such busy schedules.  Studies show that as we age, our circle of friends gets smaller, and once in old age, your spouse becomes the person you spend the most time with.  If your spouse passes away, the quality of life for the other person sees a drastic negative impact.  This can be attributed to the lack of social support that we have later in life.  With increased connectivity to the world around us, it can be easier to attain and maintain the need for social interaction that is a human necessity.  

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In the day and age of online dating and technology-driven relationships, seniors can find these types of apps to benefit their lives.  As discussed, it can be a difficult time when one loses a partner, especially when you lose that social connection to someone.  If that person did decide they are still seeking new relationships knowing they are more than capable of sharing their love, there are many ways to still find that opportunity. 

They may not be inclined to look into popular apps like Tinder, but using one of the many apps directed towards seniors and finding quality relationships may be just what you need to get back to finding meaningful and quality relationships again.


The great thing about technology is the versatility it provides.  Similar to accessibility, technology can do so much more to promote a  healthy lifestyle.  Activity devices like smartwatches and trackers can do wonders to provide both motivation to stay active and give you the information regarding your health like heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking.  Having this information readily available and easy to access can do wonders in promoting an active routine in your old age.

Mental Ability

As we grow older, we understand that the body needs to get in proper amounts of exercise in order to stay healthy and in shape.  The mind is no different because as you age, you must keep the brain as active for it to stay healthy and in the right shape.  There are applications and programs made to promote brain health and keep you alert and sharp.  These will act as daily exercises to prevent problems that might arise associated with old age.  Mental games help slow down or stop things like dementia, or might be important tools to regain mental activity in the case of a stroke.  The brain, in these cases, may have lost certain abilities, and exercises provided by certain applications can prove to be beneficial.  

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Because many people either grew up in the middle of this change or with technology already prevalent, they never had to make those adjustments.  As we get older, it is important to maintain certain lifestyles that promote things like good health, accessibility, and connectivity.  As daunting as technology might be, there are so many ways to benefit even in old age.

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Study charts rising trend of image-based sexual abuse

Image-based sexual abuse is the non-consensual taking, sharing or threatening to share nude or sexual images of a person, including the use of digitally-altered imagery.



Photo by Leon Seibert from

Image-based sexual abuse is increasing, according to new research.

A survey of more than 2,000 Australians found 1 in 3 had been victims of image-based abuse, compared with 1 in 5 in 2016. The survey also found the perpetration of image-based abuse had increased, with 1 in 6 people surveyed reporting they had taken, shared or made threats to share a nude or sexual image of a person without that person’s consent, compared with 1 in 10 of those surveyed in 2016.

The findings are detailed in a new report Image-Based Sexual Abuse: An International Study of Victims and Perpetrators, which presents the results of the first cross-national survey on image-based sexual abuse, conducted in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom in 2019.

The Australian survey follows a similar study conducted in 2016 – the first of its kind – allowing the researchers to compare results for the first time.

Image-based sexual abuse is the non-consensual taking, sharing or threatening to share nude or sexual images of a person, including the use of digitally-altered imagery.

Lead author Associate Professor Anastasia Powell said although it’s commonly referred to as “revenge porn”, the study shows the perpetration of image-based abuse is not limited to jilted ex-lovers out for vengeance.

“We found that image-based sexual abuse is used by perpetrators of domestic violence and sexual assault, in stalking and sexual harassment, as well as in threats and bullying by peers and other known people,” Powell said. “Not only this, but we found high numbers of victims had never consented to having their image taken.”

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The interviews with victims uncovered cases of people being photographed or filmed without their knowledge in the shower, while sleeping, over Skype and during sex.

“We also found no increase in people sending consensual sexy selfies. All this suggests it’s not victim behaviour driving the rise in abuse, but rather the actions of perpetrators.”

The survey of 2,054 Australians aged 16-64 also found that:

  • Young people were twice as likely as those aged over 40 to be victims of image-based sexual abuse, with those aged between 20 and 29 years the most likely group to be victims.
  • Men and women reported a similar frequency of victimisation, but women experienced higher levels of harm from the abuse, including being more than twice as likely as men to report being fearful for their safety from the perpetrator.
  • Men were more likely than women to be perpetrators.
  • Perpetrators reported that their reasons for the abuse included for fun, to flirt or be sexy, to impress friends or trade images, to control, embarrass, and/or get back at the person in the image.
  • The most common sites for distribution were social media, email and mobile messages.
  • Rates of image-based sexual abuse victimisation were similar across Australia (35.2%), UK (39%) and New Zealand (39%).

Notably, while results showed strong support among survey respondents for image-based sexual abuse to be made a criminal offence (at more than 80%), less than half knew that it that it actually was a crime to take, distribute or threaten to share nude or sexual images of a person without consent.

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Co-author Associate Professor Asher Flynn from Monash University said these findings highlighted the need for greater awareness-raising and legal education.

“We need to make sure that those laws are enforced – that victims are supported, and perpetrators are held to account,” Flynn said. “There is also a need to build information about the seriousness and harmfulness of image-based sexual abuse into respectful relationships education.”

But most of all, for Flynn, “we need community attitudes to change so that whether it is our friend, a family member, a fellow student or co-worker whose image is shared without consent – we place the blame and shame on the perpetrator of the image-based sexual abuse and not on the victim.”

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Many teens are victims of digital dating abuse; boys get the brunt of it

More than one-quarter (28.1 percent) of teens who had been in a romantic relationship at some point in the previous year said they had been the victim of at least one form of digital dating abuse.



A new research is illuminating how dating violence is manifesting online. “Digital dating abuse” as it has been termed, uses technology to repetitively harass a romantic partner with the intent to control, coerce, intimidate, annoy or threaten them. Given that youth in relationships today are constantly in touch with each other via texting, social media and video chat, more opportunities for digital dating abuse can arise.

A researcher from Florida Atlantic University, in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, conducted a study to clarify the extent to which youth are experiencing digital forms of dating abuse, as well as to identify what factors are linked to those experiences.

Research on this phenomenon is still emerging; indeed, this study is the first to examine these behaviors with a large, nationally representative sample of 2,218 middle and high school students (12 to 17 years old) in the United States who have been in a romantic relationship.

Results of the study, published in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence, showed that more than one-quarter (28.1 percent) of teens who had been in a romantic relationship at some point in the previous year said they had been the victim of at least one form of digital dating abuse. These included: whether their significant other looked through the contents of their device without permission; kept them from using their device; threatened them via text; posted something publicly online to make fun of, threaten, or embarrass them; and posted or shared a private picture of them without permission.

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In addition, more than one-third (35.9 percent) had been the victim at least one form of traditional (offline) dating abuse (i.e., they were pushed, grabbed or shoved; hit or threatened to be hit; called names or criticized, or prevented from doing something they wanted to do).

Interestingly, males were significantly more likely to have experienced digital dating abuse (32.3 percent) compared to females (23.6 percent), and more likely to experience all types of digital dating abuse, and were even more likely to experience physical aggression. No other differences emerged with respect to demographic characteristics such as sexual orientation, race and age.

“Specific to heterosexual relationships, girls may use more violence on their boyfriends to try to solve their relational problems, while boys may try to constrain their aggressive impulses when trying to negotiate discord with their girlfriends,” said Sameer Hinduja, Ph.D., lead author and a professor in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice within FAU’s College for Design and Social Inquiry, and co-director of the Cyberbullying Research Center. “It’s unfortunate to be thinking about dating abuse as we approach one of the most romantic days of the year, Valentine’s Day. However, it is clear that digital dating abuse affects a meaningful proportion of teenagers, and we need to model and educate youth on what constitutes a healthy, stable relationship and what betrays a dysfunctional, problematic one.”

The researchers also found a significant connection between digital and traditional forms of dating abuse: the vast majority of students who had been abused online had also been abused offline. Specifically, 81 percent of the students who had been the target of digital dating abuse had also been the target of traditional dating abuse.

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Students victimized offline were approximately 18 times more likely to have also experienced online abuse compared to those who were not victimized offline. Similarly, most of the students who had been the victim of offline dating violence also had been the victim of online dating violence, though the proportion (63 percent) was lower.

A number of risk factors were significantly associated with digital dating abuse. Students who reported depressive symptoms were about four times as likely to have experienced digital dating abuse. Those who reported that they had sexual intercourse were 2.5 times as likely to have experienced digital dating abuse. Most notably, those students who had sent a “sext” to another person were nearly five times as likely to be the target of digital dating abuse as compared to those who had not sent a sext. Finally, those who had been the target of cyberbullying also were likely to have been the target of digital dating abuse.

Hinduja said: “Gaining a deeper understanding of the emotional and psychological mind-set and the situational circumstances of current-day adolescents may significantly inform the policy and practice we need to develop to address this form and all forms of dating abuse.”

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Mga nangungunang Forex brokers sa Pilipinas

Sino-sino nga ba sila? Kilalanin ang mga nangungunang Forex brokers sa Pilipinas at ang kanilang mga serbisyo sa industriya na ito.



Sa ngayon, nakalilito pa ang industriya ng foreign exchange o Forex sa Pilipinas dahil hindi pa ito masyadong laganap dito. Dahil dito, mahirap humanap ng lehitimong Forex broker Philippines na iyong mapagkakatiwalaan – isang bagay na mahalaga pagdating sa kahit anong bagay na may kinalaman sa pera.

Isang paraan para malaman kung lehitimo ang iyong napiling Forex broker ay kung ito ba ay awtorisado ng Securities and Exchange Commission o SEC. Bagamat hindi kinakailangan, ito ay nirerekomenda pa rin ng gobyerno ng Pilipinas upang maprotektahan ang mga nagnanais pasukin ang industriyang ito.

Upang mapadali ang paghahanap ng Forex broker, narito ang mga nangungunang brokers sa Pilipinas.


Ang ForexTime o mas kilala bilang FXTM ay isang Forex broker na itinatag noong 2011. Kinikilala ito bilang isang lehitimong broker dahil sa kanyang pagiging regulated ng mga ahensya ng gobyerno sa iba’t ibang bansa, kasama na dito ang Pilipinas. 

Dahil sa kanilang mabilis at maayos na serbisyo, ang FXTM ay kinikilala bilang isa sa mga nangungunang Forex brokers sa Pilipinas at sa ibang bansa. Ang kanilang customer service ay maaring kontakin sa iba’t ibang wika, isang serbisyong nakatutulong sa mga traders na hindi masyadong marunong mag-ingles.  

Ang FXTM ay marami ring mga serbisyong makatutulong sa pagpalalim ng iyong kaalaman tungkol sa industriya ng Forex katulad ng demo account at mga online seminars. 


Ang Financial Brokerage Services o FBS ay isang Forex broker na mas makikita sa Asya. Ang kanilang mga opisina ay matatagpuan sa iba’t ibang bansa kabilang na dito ang Pilipinas. Sila ay unang naitatag noong 2009 at nagsimula ang kanilang operasyon sa bansang Russia. Mula noon ay lumaki na ang kanilang client base. 

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Ang FBS ay naging sikat na Forex broker dahil sa mababang halaga na kinakailangan upang magbukas ng isang account. Ang kanilang customer service din ay nag-aalok ng serbisyo sa 18 wika katulad ng sa FXTM. 

Isa pang bagay kung saan lamang ang FBS ay ang kanilang 100% deposit bonus na inaalok sa lahat ng kanilang bagong kliyente. 


Ang eToro ay isang kilalang Israeli Forex broker na itinatag noong 2007. Ang eToro ay kinikilala bilang isang lehitimong at ligtas na Forex broker dahil siya ay regulated ng mga malalaking ahensya sa UK at Australia. Bukod dito, siya ay isang kilalang fintech startup kaya mas maraming nagtitiwala sa kanila bilang Forex broker.

Bilang isang Forex broker, ang eToro ay nagbibigay ng mga makabagong serbisyo sa mga traders katulad ng social trading kung saan maari mong kopyahin ang estratehiya ng ibang mga trader. Bukod dito, ang kanilang serbisyo ay maaring mapakinabangan ng kanilang mga non-EU na kliyente sa maliit na halaga lamang. Mabilis at maayos rin ang sistema ng pagbukas ng account sa eToro, isang malaking bagay para sa mga baguhan pa lamang. 


Ang Alpari ay isang Forex broker na nagsimula noong 1998 ngunit sila ay nagrelaunch bilang Alpari International noong 2004. Simula noon, ang mga traders ay maaring nang mag-trade sa higit na 250 na merkado gamit ang iba’t ibang trading platform. 

Ang kanilang mga serbisyo ay dinisenyo para sa mga baguhan at propesyonal na trader. Isang kalamangan ng Alpari sa ibang mga Forex broker ay ang pagkakaroon nila ng iba’t ibang klase ng trading account – ang iba ay nag-aalok ng commission-free trading. 

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HF Markets

Isa pang nangungunang Forex broker sa Pilipinas ay ang HF Markets. Ang broker na ito ay itinatag noong 2010 at ito ay regulated ng iba’t ibang ahensya. Kilala bilang isang socially responsible Forex broker, ang HF Markets ay nag-aalok ng iba’t ibang serbisyo para lalong lumalim ang kaalaman tungkol sa Forex trading.

Bukod sa kanilang mga trading tools, sila ay may iba pang mga serbisyo katulad ng negative balance protection, mga commission-free accounts, investor compensation fund, at iba pa. 


Hindi pa gaanong malawak ang industriya ng Forex trading sa Pilipinas at dahil dito, nakalilito ang pagpili ng Forex broker na mapagkatitiwalaan at sigurado kang ligtas ang iyong puhunan. Isang bagay na maaring pagbasehan kung ang isang broker ay mapagkatitiwalaan ay ang kanyang pagiging awtorisado ng SEC. Bagamat hindi ito kinakailangan, nakatutulong pa rin ito sa pagpili. 

Ang mga nailistang Forex brokers ay iilan lamang sa mga brokers sa Pilipinas ngunit ang kanilang magandang serbisyo at maayos na kwalipikasyon ang mga dahilan kung bakit sila ang nangunguna sa industriya. 

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6 Must-have things to improve your gaming experience

You need to invest in better accessories within your play area to ensure that the many hours you are likely to spend there are comfortable.



Now and then, video gaming has been used as a time-passing activity. Whether you are playing using a console or on your PC, it’s usually entertaining. Many times that you may find yourself glued to your gaming station for more than eight hours. Yes, that’s how addictive it can become. 

It’s for this reason that you need to invest in better accessories within your play area to ensure that the many hours you are likely to spend there are comfortable.

Here are some things you must remember to invest in to help boost your gaming experience. 

1. Controllers

Whether you prefer playing your games on a PC or a console, investing in a gaming controller is vital. In the modern world, where new games are introduced, now and then, it would help if you acquired controllers that go in handy. Gaming controllers come in various versions, and you must, therefore, pick a model that enables you to create a real gaming experience. For example, some controllers come with features such as shock and vibrations during play. These advancements help create a fantastic experience that you will live to enjoy.

Gaming controllers come in various colors, as well, and can be customized based on your taste and preference. Therefore, you can shop for at least a pair from the nearest gaming store, and get to enjoy your gaming experience with friends.

2. Gaming chair

How much time do you spend playing your favorite game? As said earlier, gaming can be addictive, and you may end up spending sleepless nights playing. What’s your favorite position while playing? Most gamers prefer playing while on their sofa, with the legs placed on the coffee table. This position is usually tiring, not forgetting the many risks it poses to your back and neck.

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Therefore, if you are looking to enjoy your video gaming experience for long, without repercussions, it would help if you invested in a gaming chair. Finding a bigger gaming chair helps ensure that every other part of your body is supported during the many hours you will spend playing. In the recent past, chair manufacturers have invested heavily in the gaming industry, releasing chair designs to the market, and for you to choose. Choosing a suitable chair for your gaming can be confusing based on the many options available in the market. However, you can utilize the reviews available over the internet to help narrow down your decision. 

3. Desk

Investing in a gaming chair will be a waste of time if a desk doesn’t accompany it. Yes, you need a desk, as well, if you want to take your gaming to the next level. Whether you are using a console or a PC, a desk helps hold together all the accessories you need to keep your gaming experience going. Besides, it would help if you had a desk to place your bites and drinks while playing. 

When it comes to choosing the right gaming desk for your station, there are many factors to consider, apart from the price. For example, the size does matter a lot. If your area allows, it will help if you went for a more extended table a this means more space to work with, especially if you considering working with more than two screens. Another thing to consider is the shape. Some desks are straight, while others are curved. If you are looking to have your gaming station set up in one corner of your home, you can consider investing in any of the curved desks. 

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4. Quality headphones

How does it feel playing a video game without a pair of headphones? The experience will always feel awkward and confusing, especially when the games you are playing require in-play communications. Investing in quality headphones should, therefore, be among the first things you need to consider. 

As compared to your TV or PC speakers, headphones are likely to filter the sounds coming from the game, creating clear audio that will quickly get you into the vibe. Another thing to consider is that investing in quality headphones allows you to enjoy the game without disrupting those around you. By acquiring some for your station, it means that you won’t end up waking other members of the house, in the middle of the night over the noise. 

5. Big mousepad

If you enjoy playing games such as Call of Duty on your PC, then you understand how crucial your mouse is during the gameplay. It would help if you had it most of the time for aiming at your enemy. However, investing in a gaming mouse can’t deliver results if you don’t have sufficient working. It would be best if you had a big mouse pad to help you work around with your mouse during the game. Therefore, when shopping for a mousepad, among the many things you must consider is the size. 

6. Large screen/ monitor

Investing in all the things mentioned above will be a waste of time if you don’t spend on a perfect display. Say, for instance, if you prefer playing your games on your PC, it would be best if you invested heavily in quality monitors. You can consider adding more than two screens to your gaming experience as the trick helps ensure perfect gaming sessions. Investing in large and quality screens also help ensure that you get a clear experience, which means less damage to your eyes. 

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Often, playing video games has been considered as a time-passing activity. It’s fun and addictive at the same time. Explained in this article are some of the top items you should consider investing in for your gaming experience. By reading through the entire piece, you will understand how each accessory contributes towards enhancing the entire gaming experience. 

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5 Reasons why gambling vloggers are on the rise

In this article, we will explore the reasons why the number of gambling vloggers continues to grow and introduce you to a handful of them well worth subscribing to.



Several poker and casino players have turned their hobby of gambling into a more creative – and sometimes somewhat profitable – venture. What they have done is turned to YouTube and created video content that outlines their gambling adventures. What has happened is an explosion of video bloggers, known as vloggers, on the do-it-yourself video channel.

In this article, we will explore the reasons why the number of gambling vloggers continues to grow and introduce you to a handful of them well worth subscribing to.

Here are the reasons why gambling vloggers are on the rise.

1 – They Share Personal Experience

This is the most important factor that supports the ongoing popularity of YouTube. It is a video platform where ordinary people can share their personal experience on any topic. With gambling vloggers, this is key to better engagement. By showing both the ups and downs of the casino games, the vlogger earns credibility and this leads to trust. Once viewers start to turn to a vlogger because they trust and believe that person, subscription numbers increase as does their reputation.

2 – They Know Their Stuff

Sure, you sometimes take a chance when you view any DIY video online. There are some very bad examples out there of people posting how-to type content and are doing so just to gain a following or to qualify for some online advertising revenue. The difference with gambling vloggers, and the reputable ones, in particular, is that many use their vlog to teach you the basics, tricks and share their knowledge on how to avoid becoming a big loser at the hands of a casino. 

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3 – They Use It As A Teaching Tool

Some of the best gambling vloggers know that viewers watch and subscribe to their YouTube channels to learn how to become a better gambler. The video format is a perfect tool to utilize as a teaching tutorial. A number of the gambling vloggers online have gone this route and use a tutorial style to help guide any level of player – from beginner to expert – on the finer parts of your chosen casino game. Gambling vloggers have an insight you won’t find in a how-to book.

4 – They Give You Hope

This may sound a bit odd but in reality, several gambling vloggers are just hobbyists who just happen to make a few extra bucks hanging around casinos. Other gambling vloggers have turned casino games into a full-time job. Regardless of which type of vlogger you watch the most, both show you that it is possible to succeed at gambling. You just need to hone your skills and apply some of the tips offered by these successful gamblers.

5 – They Are Noticed In The Industry

Who knew that vlogging about poker or any other casino game would put someone on the radar in the gambling industry? Well, that has happened and is going to continue to take place. The Global Poker Awards, sponsored by Global Poker Index (GPI) recently included a new award category – Vlogger of the Year. There were just five nominees this last time but that doesn’t reflect the number of great gambling vloggers out there by any means.

By showing both the ups and downs of the casino games, the vlogger earns credibility and this leads to trust.

Some of the Gambling Vloggers You Should Get To Know

1 – Brian Christopher

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Brian Christopher is considered to be the top influencer for both slot machines and casinos on YouTube. His channel has over 180,000 subscribers and he uploads gambling videos daily. In just three years his Brian Christopher Slots YouTube channel had over 100-million views. His style is casual and he exudes a positive attitude throughout. In addition to sharing all kinds of insight into various slot machine games, Christopher will also feature a guest from time to time. His main focus is on the promotion of responsible gambling and shows him doing just that.

2 – Andrew Neeme

Andrew Neeme is a poker player who lives full-time in Las Vegas. His YouTube channel has recently topped the 100,000 subscriber mark in just two years of vlogging. He posts a new vlog weekly and focuses mostly on the poker sessions he has participated in around Vegas.

3 – Brad Owen

Brad Owen started vlogging in December 2016. He also lives in Las Vegas and shares a lot in his regular posts about his many adventures in and out of the casinos in his hometown. Owen and Neeme are Meet-Up Game (MUG) partners and Owen will soon reach the 100,000 sub mark.

4 – Marle Cordeiro

Marle Cordeiro is a recent vlogger having launched her YouTube channel last year. Her style is unique in that she uses comedy and storytelling to share details on her gambling exploits. Her early vlogs were controversial, which gained her exposure and followers. 

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5 – Kristy Arnett

If you recognize the name Kristy Arnett it may be from her former gig as a presenter at PokerNews. She is a professional poker player and uses her YouTube channel to vlog about her experiences. She lives in Las Vegas and quit her PokerNews job to gamble full-time.

6 – Jeff Gross

Jeff Gross has one of the longest-running poker vlogs on YouTube. He is known for his consistent content which follows his poker and real-life adventures. His vlogs also feature many cameos by big names in and out of the casino world. 

If you are seeking some simple and easy to understand tips on how to improve your skills in a casino, you would likely turn to a tutorial of some kind.

Will Watching A Gambling Vlogger Help Your Game?

According to Lucian Marinescu at ”Any tips you can get from a reliable source can’t hurt. There are some very good vloggers out there who share valuable information that all gamblers can learn from.”

In Conclusion

The main reason why the number of gambling vloggers continues to grow is that the things they post on their YouTube channels are interesting and educational. If you are seeking some simple and easy to understand tips on how to improve your skills in a casino, you would likely turn to a tutorial of some kind. That is exactly what vloggers are doing and they are doing it well.

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