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Why you should sell online

Here are a few reasons why you should sell online.

As a business owner, you might be wondering why you should take your business online. You might be considering the cost of setting up an online store. Here is a news flash, Shopboxo is a free online store website designed to meet your business needs. So what other buts are you considering before you take the bold step of taking your business online.

Here are a few reasons why you should sell online.

It Helps You Cut Cost

Shopboxo makes it possible for you to create a free online store for your business so you don’t have to bother about cost. Even if you have to consider cost, the cost of setting up an online store is lower than that of an offline store. The Shopboxo sales system for your online store is automated. By selling online you will save all that you spend running an offline business like:

  • wages;
  • electricity;
  • rent.

Instead, you will channel all you would have spent to boost your business.

Mobility in Operation

Building an online store encourages a mode of operation that is not location-based. You are not restricted by location. All you need is access to your email, phone and internet.

Scaling Up

Unlike your offline store where you have to analyze sales after a long period, Shopboxo helps you take notice of products that sell more so you can increase the stock of such products. With this insight, you can come up with strategies on how to diversify such products to generate more sales. With this, you can boost your sales, customer base and profits.

Round the Clock Schedule

Unlike an offline store where customers have to wait for a particular time to make purchases and cannot make purchases after a slated time. Shopboxo platform offers you an online store that runs round the clock. You don’t need to be awake to take orders from your customers. While in your sleep, your customers are attended to.

Easy To Measure Sales

With the built-in Analytics features that Shopboxo offers for online store owners, it is easier to measure taken orders, pending orders, sales made and also the percentage of profit your store has generated at intervals.

Saves Your Time

Remember, your offline line store requires your presence and time for sales to be made or that of your staff. But here, once you set up your online store on Shopboxo, you don’t need to invest much time in running your business. This is so because the whole process of taking orders from customers down to making payments is automated.

This gives you time to think of how to employ creativity in your business, come up with mouth-watering offers for your customers and track your sales record.

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Increased Profit Margin

Since you spend almost nothing to set up and run your online store on Shopboxo website, you have a higher profit margin from each sale you make.

With the built-in payment option for your store, you can be sure that there won’t be a case of failed transactions. So all your funds come right in where they should be.

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