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3 Amazing Mini Golf Venues in the UK

What distinguishes UK among other countries, is its vibrant and broad sports culture. So a visitor that wants an 100% experience of the local life has to include sports in his schedule.

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United Kingdom consists a very unique European destination, as it does not have similarities with any other European country. It is characterized by its significant and rich history that left a lasting footprint on the global history and cultural influence, as it’s the homeland of important authors such as William Shakespeare, Jane Austin, J.K. Rowling and of the very recognized Brit-pop music wave.

Another thing worthy to mention UK, is its special architecture and the several “marvels” all over the countries of the Union; Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Edinburgh Castle, Stonehenge etc. Although, what distinguishes UK among other countries, is its vibrant and broad sports culture, not only because it has sports that are not too common elsewhere, but also because it has important infrastructures for hosting European or global tournaments, like the Wimbledon championship.

The sports of highest interest for the UK citizens, are soccer, cricket, golf, and as expected, tennis. Therefore, a visitor that wants an 100% experience of the local life, has to include in his schedule, spending a day practising one of these activities. Luckily, golf parks, and even better mini gold parks that are suitable for any kind of weather and age, are spread all around the UK countries, giving numerous alternatives. 

Which are 3 amazing venues one can visit for an unforgettable experience? Keep reading to discover our recommendations or visit the Crazy golf with website.

1. Junkyard Golf Club

It can be found in multiple locations as London, Manchester, Oxford and Leeds, having a different theme in each of them. It combines creative with fun and socializing, as besides the unconventional game courses, hosts a bar with lively atmosphere, that makes it perfect for hosting events and parties. The most interesting fact besides the funky music and neon likes, is the industrial and urban design, that embraces sustainability and is created by upcycled materials as car parts, reclaimed wood and scrap metal.

2. Mr. Mulligan’s Space Golf

An excited space-themed mini gold experience, that can be found in Nottingham, Milton Keynes and Castleford.  The futuristic atmosphere consists of glowing neon lights, rockets, planets and asteroids, while the cherry on top visual experience created by the glow-in-the dark courses and the blacklight illumination. Don’t expect the holes to be an easy task!

3. Adventure Golf Island

Located in Dunfermline and Fife, in Scotland, it offers its visitors three different and exciting mini golf courses, among which they can choose each time. Each course comes with a different theme. Specifically, there is the Treasure Island, Pirate’s Cove and Tiki Hut, that also have different levels of difficulty, while the general theme of the park as easily assumed, has a tropical vibe, that includes water features and lush greenery. 

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