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Are young adults having less casual sex?

Study finds alcohol, video games and living with parents affect young men’s casual sex behavior.

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Casual sex is on the decline for both young men and women, according to a Rutgers University-New Brunswick study that found that at least in the US, less alcohol consumption among both genders is a major reason while playing video games and living at home with parents are another – but only for men.

The study, published in the journal Socius, analyzed survey data from the 2007-2017 Panel Study of Income Dynamics Transition to Adulthood Supplement in the US, which interviewed about 2,000 young adults ages 18 to 23 and focused on sexual activity outside of committed relationships. The researchers examined whether changes in young adults’ economic status, living arrangement, technology use and drinking behavior helped explain the decline in casual sex.

The study found that between 2007 and 2017, the percentage of 18-to 23-year-old men who had casual sex in the past month dropped from 38% to 24%. The percentage dropped from 31% to 22% for young women of the same age.

The most important factor driving the decline among young men is the decrease in drinking, which alone explains more than 33% of the drop. The increase in computer video gaming explains about 25% of the change in sexual behavior among young men, while the increase in living with parents explains a little more than 10%. No other factor explained a significant portion of the decline.

“The recent cohorts of young people adopt adult roles later in their lives and depend on their parents for longer periods,” said the study’s co-author Lei Lei, an assistant professor of sociology at Rutgers. “The declining engagement in casual sex among this age group could be another sign of delayed transition into adulthood.”

For young women, about 25% is attributable to a decline in drinking, which was the only factor that explained a significant portion of the decline. Increased internet usage among young women suppressed what would have been a larger 11% decline in casual sex. The study said that while both young women and men play computer games more frequently now than in the past, gaming inhibits only young men’s casual sexual activity.

Researchers say the odds that young men who live with their parents engage in casual sex are only 63% of those who live independently. The odds that young men who play computer games daily have casual sex are less than half the odds for those who never game. And the odds that young men who report drinking daily have casual sex are about 5.5 times the odds for those who don’t drink.

“The new generation of young adults became more individualistic and less social in real life, but more involved in social media and online gaming networks,” said Lei. “The changes in how young people socialize affect their opportunity to have casual sex, which often serves as a trial or rehearsal for long-term romantic relationships.”

Now – this is worth stressing – whether this is true in the Philippines has yet to be considered, particularly considering that the country recorded a 7% increase in births among girls aged 15 and below in 2019, according to the Commission on Population and Development.

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Looking at data from the Department of Health (DOH), the number of Filipinos getting infected with HIV has also been increasing. In December 2020, there were 1,076 newly reported HIV-positive individuals in the country. More than half of the cases (54%) were 25-34 years old and 25% were 15-24 years old at the time of diagnosis. Sexual contact remained as the predominant mode of transmission (92%).


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