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D-Link upgrades DIR-506L Pocket Cloud Router

The DIR-506L Pocket Cloud Router now includes new features including the 3G card support and mobile charger function for greater mobility.

D-Link International Pte Ltd, one of the world’s biggest suppliers of networking products has updated the DIR-506L Pocket Cloud Router to include new features including the 3G card support and mobile charger function for greater mobility.

Jonathan Quek, marketing director of D-Link International Pte Ltd commented, “Portable and versatile, the Pocket Cloud Router gives users the functionality of a router, access point, wireless repeater, Wi-Fi Hotspot and network storage drive, all from the same compact device which fits in your pocket. Now with the 3G card support and support for up to six clients, the firmware will allow users to share high speed mobile internet from anywhere by connecting a 4G LTE/3G USB dongle to the Pocket Cloud Router. For users travelling with multiple devices, the mobile charger function will come in handy to keep the devices charged up on the road.”

The pocket cloud router offers four different modes for use in different situations, making it the ideal travel accessory for relaxing vacations with friends or family and for use in home offices.

Router – the wireless router function gives users the option to share broadband Internet connection wirelessly up to 150Mbps. With 3G card support, users can simply insert a 3G data card from any telecom provider to share the Internet connection, creating a wireless network anywhere, anytime.

Access Point – besides creating connectivity amongst different users, the router can also act as an access point to create connectivity amongst wireless devices in a private network. This will allow users to share files easily across different spaces with
more security.

Repeater – this function allows an existing wireless network in homes or offices to be extended, for greater and seamless coverage.

Wi-Fi Hotspot – it allows users to share an Internet connection coming from a wireless hotspot, either at a hotel, airport or café. This configuration also provides users with a second layer of security when connecting to public hotspots, by hiding connected devices from foreign devices on the public network, and keeping them in their own private network.

On top of that, the repeater and Wi-Fi hotspot modes also allow users to connect to any device, such as a Smart TV or game console in hotel rooms, via the 10/100 Ethernet Port, enabling it to connect to the network wirelessly.

Equipped with SharePort functionality, users can download the SharePort Mobile app for iOS and Android™ devices for convenient access to videos, music, photos and documents. Simply connect a hard drive or flash storage drive to the router’s built-in USB port, and easily expand the smart phone or tablet’s storage space wirelessly. Data and multimedia files can be streamed or shared among multiple users with the easy touch-based app, or to users via the SharePort Mobile Web File Access.

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Measuring only 10.29cm by 7.98cm, the palm-sized device is small enough to fit into one’s pocket for Internet and file sharing on-the-go. With up to four hours battery life, the compact router runs on a rechargeable Li-ion battery and also comes with a mini-USB power option to ensure that the device stays powered for connectivity needs. The pocket router is also fitted with a pivoting stand for vertical use that folds away when not in use.


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