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MiniStation Air: Wireless streaming storage

Buffalo’s MiniStation Air solves the problem of limited storage capacity on Smart Phones and Tablets by making it possible to wirelessly read and even write files on smart phones and tablets.

MiniStation AirBuffalo’s MiniStation Air brings you the solution for the limited storage capacity on Smart Phones and Tablets. The MiniStation Air makes it possible to wirelessly read and even write files on smart phones and tablets.

Upload your data such as photos and video on the portable Ministation Air while on the move. For transferring large amounts of data from desktop PC’s or laptops you can use the fast USB3.0 interface (up to 5Gb/s). The amount of data is no longer a problem, wherever you go it’s always available.

It’s even possible to stream media to three WiFi enabled devices at the same time. This allows you to share files to streaming clients. Thanks to the integrated WiFi, superspeed USB (USB3.0) and a capacity of 500GB you have all your data with you, wherever you go. The battery is easily charged with AC adapter or via USB on the PC and has up to 4 hours battery life.

The WiFi setup connection is easily done with WPS or AOSS. MiniStation Air is capable of WPA2 wireless encryption for secure data transfer.

Key features include: read and write files on Smart devices such as iPhones, iPads and more; allow Internet access during WiFi connection by using “Internet mode”; battery charge anywhere with AC adapter or USB on PC (four hours); wireless and superspeed USB 3.0 dual interface; easy WiFi setup connection with WPS and AOSS; wireless connection with high security encryption (WPA2); and the max simultaneous connection of three connections (recommended).

Buffalo MiniStation Air is distributed in the Philippines by MSI-ECS. For availability, pricing and complete specs, email


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