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Safe ways to stay satisfied during lockdown – Round 2

So, what can you be doing to protect your health and sanity during this second major lockdown? The good news is that there are many ways to stay satisfied, busy, and fight those negative feelings that may be trying to settle in.

As the UK now officially enters lockdown for a second time, for many people, this time around it is feels harder and more stressful. There is the knowledge of what’s to come, but the uncertainty of how long the lockdown will last if extended past its initial date. Living through the first one was tough, depressing, and lonely for many, and to do it again within the same year is just a bit much. 

So, what can you be doing to protect your health and sanity during this second major lockdown? The good news is that there are many ways to stay satisfied, busy, and fight those negative feelings that may be trying to settle in. And the sooner you can be proactive and put these tips to use, the less likely you will be to suffer in a serious way during this round of lockdown.

Make Physical Activity a Daily Priority

One of the biggest issues that people face during a lockdown is staying optimistic. It doesn’t take long for people to start feeling a little stir crazy and confined. While there are plenty of ways to fight those feelings, perhaps the most effective is to include physical activity in your daily routine. Obviously, you can’t go to the gym or join a sports team, so it’s all about solo activities for the moment.

Some great examples include using an exercise tutorial online that you can follow at home, lifting weights at home, going for a walk or jog, or even a leisurely bike ride. Exercise keeps you healthy and fit, it also helps to fight stress and anxiety, and releases endorphins that make you feel happy and positive. 

If you’ve had a particularly stressful day, cap it off with some exercise at home and you’re guaranteed to go to bed feeling relaxed and much more satisfied with how the day went.

Make Use of Online Resources

Of course, technology has never been handier than during lockdowns. Technology has made it possible to go about many of your everyday hobbies, tasks, and find entertainment all in a safe and socially-distanced manner. 

Take Babe Station as an example. On this site, you have access to live video and pictures of “babes”, giving you a way to feel connected to the outside world. You can watch live shows on HD webcams, take part in instant messaging chats, view photos of the models that are found on the site, and more – you can find more information here. It’s all about maintaining that sense of connection and entertainment despite being stuck at home.

Other online resources that you can make use of include chat rooms/forums that focus on your own hobbies and interests, social networks, and blogs (whether you’re reading them or writing one). Online resources are able to open up a huge doorway to the outside world – it’s all about using that tech in a creative way.

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Indulge in Comfort Food – Within Reason

Comfort food is one of those things people tend to reach for in times of stress, anxiety, and worry, so it’s only natural that you’d want to reach for those dishes right now. 

While there is nothing wrong with satisfying those cravings once in a while, the key is to do it within reason. If you are eating comfort food every day, all day long, it’s not going to do your physical health any favors. Let’s face it, comfort food tastes great usually because it’s filled with calories, fat, high sugar content, and sodium. So, go ahead, indulge here and there, but don’t forget that a healthy diet should be the main source of satisfaction when it comes to food.

Connect with Family and Friends Virtually as Much as Possible

The final tip is to make sure you don’t end up missing out on that human connection. Although it can’t be done face-to-face in-person, you can still feed that connection and keep it strong. Connecting with family and friends virtually should be a regular daily habit. 

That could mean phone calls, texting, sending photos to one another, instant messaging, and even video chats. While nothing can replace in-person gatherings, these virtual get togethers can still be wonderful. You can even set up group chats or group video meetings so that you and all your friends can all be part of the conversation. Why not share a pint or a glass of wine together, in a virtual way? 

While it may seem strange to have these gatherings the first couple of times, everyone will ease into it and start to walk away feeling completely satisfied in that they had a high level of engagement with their friends.

So Much is About Attitude

At the end of the day, while no one can take away the mental toll another lockdown will have on people, so much of it has to do with your attitude and frame of mind. Shifting to a more positive mindset and looking for ways to stay satisfied and connected will have a huge impact.

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