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The history of treasured traditions: The wedding ring

To give you an idea of how this common trend came about, this post will be exploring the historical origins of the wedding ring, while also helping you to find one which suits you.


There are a lot of traditions which people follow in the modern world. From celebrating people’s birthdays to seeing in the year with fireworks, there are loads of different rituals which are performed for different ceremonies. Of course, as one of the biggest and most respected traditions, wedding rings play a huge role in a lot of people’s relationships. Where exactly does this come from, though?

To give you an idea of how this common trend came about, this post will be exploring the historical origins of the wedding ring, while also helping you to find one which suits you.

In Ancient Times: The earliest recorded examples of the use of wedding rings was in Ancient Egypt. In reality, though, these aren’t the sorts of rings which people use today, and the ritual you follow will be much closer to those carried out by Ancient Greek and Roman couples. In most cases, the couple will wear a ring each before they are married, swapping to something even fancier once the big day has passed. Sometimes, though, only the women will wear the ring before the big day.

Over time, the styles of rings being worn have changed significantly, though the gesture still means much the same thing. Wearing partner rings symbolizes a deep connection between you and your other half, showing the world that you are unified in love. Of course, though, as long as you like the ring you choose, it doesn’t matter what it is supposed to convey, as you wear them for each other, not the people seeing you day to day.

A Tradition Adapts: Like many traditions throughout history, wedding rings have slowly adapted into the objects you know today. Making their way from Greece and Rome into the rest of Europe was only possible thanks to the church. Having quickly adopting this tradition, it’s no wonder that most people assume Christianity was the mother of the wedding ring. In reality, though, they came long before this massive religion.

What We Have Today: Finally, as the last area to think about, the rings on offer today are much different to those found in the past. With companies like 77 Diamonds working tirelessly to create perfect pieces for weddings, it’s easy to find a ring which matches the way you feel about each other. In the past, people wouldn’t have this choice, often having to opt for the cheapest option around. Of course, though, as this ring is supposed to mean something, the price you pay shouldn’t matter, and this object will mean the world to you no matter what.

Hopefully, with all of this in mind, you will be feeling ready to tackle the job of buying your wedding ring. A lot of people spend weeks or months looking for this part of their big day. In reality, though, this should be one of the easiest pieces to choose, especially once you have an idea of what they mean. This ring will be with you for the rest of your life.

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