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Sex tips for the best sex ever

Nobody wants to be boring and weak in sex – we all want good lovers. If you are not one of them, then everything is very bad. You need to fill the gaps. How to make sex brighter and better? How to become a good lover? Here are tips for great sex.

Nobody wants to be boring and weak in sex – we all want good lovers. If you are not one of them, then everything is very bad. You need to fill the gaps. How to make sex brighter and better? How to become a good lover?

Here are tips for great sex from 

This is one of the best sex tips that we can advise. Many techniques of love recommend breathing deeper. And you should do it together. Doubled breathing helps to catch the right rhythm in sex and synchronize. If you do everything right, then your partner will move to you at the time you move to her or him. The ability to control the rhythm is a sign of a good lover. 

In 90% of cases, unnecessary things prevent good sex. It can be parents, children, neighbors or pets. The phones can interfere when unexpected messages or calls come on them. It’s better to turn off the sound of the phone before sex. Interference will spoil a mood, embarrass your lover and block the upcoming orgasm at the most crucial moment. Also, the atmosphere itself, where there is no opportunity to calmly indulge in sex, doesn’t contribute to a full enjoyment. 

Entertain your sweetheart and make her or him feel special. Thus, your partner will give you sex in full. Don’t you love romantic actions and a corresponding atmosphere? A romantic dinner, a walk or a movie will be good foreplay. Don’t be mean to compliments, humor, and goodwill. 

If you just try to start sex when your beloved one is not ready, you will regret it. Some people need time to get excited. You shouldn’t rush the things. Take off your lover’s clothes slowly and gradually. Leave underwear at the beginning of a foreplay. Embrace, kiss, indulge and tumble. The whole body is an erogenous zone. Find the points to which your S.O. reacts more actively. Pay attention to your partner’s neck, shoulders, breast, inner thighs, belly, and legs. Remember these tips for better sex every time you have it. 

If your sex has become boring and uninteresting, then you should refuse some rules, like learning how to initiate phone sex.

Another example is if a person you love is against oral sex, then you can do it for her. Also, if you have never given an intimate massage to a person you love, then do it now. 

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Play a game of strip poker or try on the roles that you have long been fantasized about. It is important to choose those themes and plots for a game that can be tempting for both of you. Ask why? In order to throw out the accumulated emotions and, of course, to experience the excitement. For example, the designers at thought of a truly creative way to incorporate fun in your sex life by using butt plugs – some with fox, kitty, or rabbit tails hanging off them; it’s a good idea for an animal themed sex-capade.

One of the most exciting sex tips for men is erotic cooking. Such entertainments are characteristic of romantically tuned couples. Chocolate, strawberries with cream, baths with champagne… It will not only excite but also will give pleasant sensations. Don’t be afraid to pour oil in the fire of your sexual relationships. Look for new ways to bring unforgettable pleasure to each other.

Surely everyone, who has ever watched erotic films, imagined themselves in the place of the main characters. Use the chance to make fantasy a reality. Organize your mini-studio, in which it is enough to have a camera, of course, a bed. Lights, camera, sex!

This is one more great sex tip for you! Sounds are important almost as much as touches and sometimes play a decisive role. Therefore, there shouldn’t be silence in the bedroom at this time. But don’t hope that you yourself are able to chatter without stopping on erotic topics, skillfully avoiding any words and expressions that can seem silly, offensive or vulgar. Nevertheless, you need to add some sounds in sex. Fortunately, nowadays we have the audio system.

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