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Top apps for gentleman’s smartphone

We’ve done our best to seek out the top apps which are perfect for every modern gentleman today.

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Apps have become integral to the daily lives of most people around the world today, with there seemingly being an app for every situation. While most apps are geared to cater for everyone, there are many which gentlemen will find especially useful when installed on their latest high tech smartphones.

Therefore, we’ve done our best to seek out the top apps which are perfect for every modern gentleman today.


Evernote is the app of choice for businessmen and gentlemen alike when it comes to wanting to organize and access whatever matters most on demand. It’s an app which allows the user to keep everything in the one place, be it to-do’s, images, audio, web pages and documents. Evernote can also sync with multiple devices, ensuring that not only is information available whenever it’s needed, it’s also kept up to date too. Evernote works for everyday life and business and is the organiser app that every gentleman needs to install.


All work and no play can be a bad path to follow, so having the brilliant bespoke PartyCasino app installed is the solution of choice in our eyes. These guys are one of the biggest names in the online and mobile casino sectors. PartyCasino has some of the best online slots and table games which everyone can enjoy. The brand also has great blackjack games – a game that is perfect for the modern gentlemen due to its excitement and potential reward.

Gordon Ramsay Recipes

There’s no doubt that the number of modern men who enjoy cooking has increased dramatically over the last decade or so. With more and more male celebrity chefs popping up on TV screens, it has seemingly inspired a generation to get into the kitchen and more often. Gordon Ramsay is one of the world’s most popular and recognised multi-Michelin starred chefs, and the Gordon Ramsay Recipes app by Pineapple Developers gives the modern gentleman access to some of his finest recipes and cooking guides in an instant.

My Fitness Pal

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My Fitness Pal is the all in one fitness app that a lot of men are now using in order to get fitter and to lose weight. There’s been a rise in the number of men who are now hitting the gym or looking to lead a healthier lifestyle and My Fitness Pal is the ideal app for them. Not only does it allow a person to track their fitness levels and work outs in depth, it also acts as a calorie and diet monitor too. Users can for example scan barcodes on food items which will automatically add them to their daily food diary.

Smartphones and the apps that are being installed on them are ever changing as time and technology advances but the four mentioned above are what you should expect to find on a gentleman’s device and one’s that a modern man should be downloading and installing.

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