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Your favourite high-end beauty treatments in Belgium

Belgium is never an out of fashion travelling destination. Here are some tips to pamper yourself while there.

Combining both a cosmopolitan vibe as hosting the Headquarters of the European Parliament in Brussels, with a cosy and resilient atmosphere one can encounter strolling around the smaller cities and picturesque villages, Belgium is never an out of fashion travelling destination.

As a temporary visitor, there are obviously plenty of sites and attractions for you to explore. Although, this isn’t equivalent from preventing yourself savouring some unique and high-end beauty treatments. Several spas around the country, provide a variety of alternative choices, for your self-spoil retreat.

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Let’s see some of them, vanishing the searching anxiety!

1. Nail Treatments

Walking around the whole day and counting a thousand of steps as your mobile phone or smartwatch is indicating, turns out devastating for your feet at the end of the day, especially if you haven’t packed the appropriate pair of shoes.

As a local as well, the hectic routine and endless back-to-back business appointments, can result on setting your feet on fire. A relaxing pedicure would be totally refreshing.

Give yourself a break to look after your basic personal hygiene, that will add confidence to your total look!

2. The Belgian Body Treatment

Once you’ve already decided to cross that spa/beauty centre door, there is no need to act humble and not allow yourself to get completely carried away from the luxurious services and the relaxing moments the facilities and specialized workers can provide you. Unique and beneficial body treatments at MV Beauty Art as the Herbal Body Treatment and the Golden Line Ginger Body Treatment, are waiting for you!

Although, there might be something you aren’t aware of. Beer and chocolate are significant parts of the Belgian cultures. Did you know you can enjoy these two goodies either way than eating & drinking? What about experiencing a chocolate body treatment, or a beer bath hydrotherapy?         

Relaxation through muscle soothing that lead of course to stress reduce, in addition to skin nourishment, detoxification and rejuvenation, consist the strongest reasons for one to choose a body treatment.

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 3. Couple Massage

No matter the kind (Swedish, Thai, Shiatsu etc.), a full body massage will always be a top choice to reward yourself, taking care of both your physical and mental health, promoting your over-all well-being.

Even though a couple massage is offered for any kind of duo, as friends and family members than aim to spend some quality time together, receiving the treatment with your significant other, will add a great dose of romanticism in your relationship and will boost your bonding.

If you are travelling on your own and want to claim a better price for your massage via a couple offer, famous travel applications will help you to search for a buddy!

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