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48 Hours in Luxembourg: A travel guide

If you are looking for a place to visit after the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, then this may be the perfect place for you. Here’s why.

Luxembourg is Europe’s richest country.  If you are looking for a place to visit after the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, then this may be the perfect place for you. If you are a real money machines à sous en ligne de paripop gamble, you may want to visit this place after you win real money.

Here is why the place is a perfect place to visit.

Getting Around

There are currently 170,000 commuters who come into Luxembourg each and every day. These people come from Belgium, France and Germany. The numbers may go up in the next 40 years. But the country has introduced a new, smooth tram system from Spain. With the introduction of this tram system, cars may become a thing of the past. 

Luxembourg Old Town

Luxembourg Old Town has a rich history and Luxembourgers love to keep this history intact. You could spend a day viewing one of the most remarkable bridges in the 16th century Grand Ducal Palace.

Casemates du Bock

This is a military maze  which was a source of protection for the country’s soldiers during World War I. The underground tunnel protected the soldiers from being attacked by enemies.

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The Kirchberg Area

It is connected to the old part by the Grand Duchess Bridge. The EU Court of Judges is hosed in this area. 

Pfaffenthal  Area

The Pfaffenthal area at the bottom of the Alzette Valley is connected to the main city through a huge glass elevator which zips you up 71 meters high in the air in seconds. You will see wonderful views of the green valley. There are also old style homes, restaurants, as well as homes for the elderly which looks like castles.

Schueberfouer Funfair

During the months of August to September, locals join the funfair which is a traditional practice that began in 1340.  If you would like to know more about the Schueberfouer funfair, did  you know that you can play americancasinosites casino online game and stand a chance to win big, or you can visit the Luxembourg City Museum which has wonderful exhibitions about the funfair. 

Also: The country’s food is amazing.

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