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5 Reasons why you should head to the nearest gay bar

Christian Laos admits that many frown upon gay bars. But he thinks that these places are also worth checking – e.g. for those who want to escape from their harsh realities, for those looking for friends, for those who want to get laid, and even for those looking for love. “But if you consider dropping by a gay bar at all, just remember to be always safe and… remember to enjoy life as much as you can,” he says.

By Christian Laos

Many members of the LGBT community are fond of using gay bars. Yes, my friends, GAY BARS. But many also frown upon these venues. After all, do those who go to gay bars really find “freedom” when they are in these places? Or is it really just for the well-off – or, for that matter, those who are beautiful?

Now let me try to opine on why we need to see the insides of these places.

  1. Runaway. Running away from something? Just want to simply hang out and leave reality behind for a few hours? Let’s face it, gay bars can make you go to another dimension without your own permission. The lights, the music, the dance floor, and don’t mention the hot gorgeous men sexily dancing with people they don’t even know. These are just some of the things that these bars can provide. The truth, however, is that all of these “beauty”/attractions have a down side. For instance, since the place is a bit dark, loud and full of people, you have to take care of your belongings. We all have that friend who lost something at our local gay bar. Worse, the management is not liable for any lost belongings; so once a belonging is gone, it’s gone for good.
  2. Great friendship. Oh yes, a bar can be a place to find great friendships indeed! Admit it, you have a few or maybe a lot of gay friends you’ve met at a local gay bar. No need to be shy about it; the truth is gay bars are really the center of meet ups of different clans or groups that were established online, through texting or through any kind of technology. And indeed, gay bars give a bit of a shelter for gay people who simply want to have fun.
  3. Character development. Gay bars have their own “standards”. Complying with these “standards” help develop the character of those who go to these bars. For instance, when inside a gay bar, even if a gay man has his lover with him, someone else will try to check him out. This way, the decision to give in or not to temptation is up to you (or your lover). This defines your character. And so you see, gay bars are a great place to have fun; but it can be a terrible place for those who don’t have a strong will.
  4. Getting laid. You read it correctly, folks: GET LAID. This is the truth. Gay bars are also used to simply find someone you could simply fuck with. I know, I know… This may be considered immoral by many, but this is the truth. If not us, we at least have a gay friend who spent the night in someone else’s bed after a great party. And it’s not that bad at all, right?
  5. Love. No need to be too bitter about this. We all know that love is quite hard to find; it isn’t as simple as saying “Hi!” to strangers in these kinds of places. But the truth is, there may be a lot of “players” (those who just want to have fun), partygoers (those who just want to party) and one-night-stands in gay bars, but there are gay people who are actually looking for love. We all have romantic spots in us; we’re not all just made for one-nighters. So you just have to look harder (inside you, and in the gay bars) to find that love you desire.

And so these are some of the realities inside these gay havens. It’s still your decision, folks, if you want to check gay bars; I am not trying to persuade you in any decision. But if you consider dropping by a gay bar at all, just remember to be always safe and… remember to enjoy life as much as you can.



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