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Here’s how to join the Home Brew Revolution

Brewing your own beer, or making anything yourself at home, is a way to add quality to your life. And the satisfaction of disconnecting from the mainstream by being self sufficient is also a huge benefit.

There are no membership cards necessary. You don’t have to pledge any kind of allegiance. And sharing your beer is not required.

To join the Home Brew Revolution, you only need to have a passion for doing things yourself. Brewing your own beer, or making anything yourself at home, is a way to add quality to your life. And the satisfaction of disconnecting from the mainstream by being self sufficient is also a huge benefit. 

As long as you don’t go overboard after making it and abuse your beer, you can enjoy a healthy and natural brew. 

So, stick it to the man by brewing beer yourself! Here are the reasons you should be doing it.

Better appreciation for good beer

It’s easy to just grab any old beer off the shelf and drink it with your friends. Some of them can be quite tasty and go down easy.

There is another level to beer, however and until you drink the good stuff you don’t know what you are missing. Once you’ve perfected your own preferred beer recipe, you’ll understand how good a beer can actually be. 

You’ll find community

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Home brewers are very enthusiastic and love to share their passion with others. Sharing tips, tricks and recipes is all part of the appeal.

You’ll quickly find yourself among a group that will welcome you as one of their own with open arms. This sense of community may be lacking in a lot of ways in the modern world, so this is a big reason to take on the hobby.

It’s creative

Once you get the basics down of how to brew beer, you can use the beer as a perfect palette with which to get creative. Adding spices, fruits and using different types of grains will allow you to flex your creative muscles and find the perfect recipe. 

Try out a lot of different flavor combinations and don’t let conventions tell you what you can and can’t do. You’re in total control of your brew.

It’s all natural

What a wonderful thing to know everything that went into your beer. You’ve sourced the ingredients yourself and was in control of the entire production.

When you say it’s natural, it is as natural as it gets. You never have to wonder what preservatives are in there or what additives influenced the color or flavor.

You can show off

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There’s never a bad reason to throw a party. One of the best reasons to host some friends is for a tasting party when your beer is ready to be opened and enjoyed. 

You can show off your talents to your friends and impress them with your feats of chemistry. Or, if it didn’t actually come out that great, then you can ask for some constructive criticism and go back to the drawing board.


There really is no better reason to brew your own beer except that it is fun. Enjoy the process including your failures for years to come. 

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