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How to more wisely & readily assert yourself

Here’s how to more wisely and readily assert yourself, so you have the healthiest path forward.

In our culture, being confident in your beliefs (but flexible enough to change them where appropriate, or when you learn new things), and having the confidence to express them (but knowing how to do that properly and effectively rather than shouting into the ether) are essential skills.


Many young people today are seeing the benefit of that, be that through the uplifting of LGBTQIA+ discourse, or through tackling opposing views online. Yet it’s also true that no matter if you enjoy using Twitter to discuss topics with people, or you prefer showing up in public, or you want to debate others, or perhaps you just want to do the reading and come to conclusions yourself, being assertive and knowing the limits of that can be key.

Here’s how to more wisely and readily assert yourself, so you have the healthiest path forward:

Learn A Martial Art

No, you don’t need to use cool kung-fu techniques to get the best of people you dislike. In fact, as skillful and worthwhile arts like Jiu Jitsu are, they emphatically help you diffuse conflict if you come upon it. But having the ability to train in this way, to know your body and strengthen it, as well as potentially helping you defend yourself in a last-case scenario can feel pretty good. You deserve to feel capable and competent, and martial arts offer many principles worth adopting into your life even outside of the physical aspect.

Work On Your Posture & Speech

Your posture matters, as does how confidently you can project your voice. Both will have an effect on one another. Training your posture, learning how to be assertive in how you hold yourself (without forcing it), and breathing from your diaphragm (which you can learn over time), can help you stand tall and feel more self-assured, while also seeming less hunched over and diminutive to others. Most importantly, this helps you feel your best self, too.

Don’t Feel As Though You Have To ‘Win’ All The Time

A good way to feel more assertive is to realize that while there are essential movements worth supporting in this world, and while ignorance is tough to stand,  you don’t have to ‘win’ all the time. You don’t have to get involved all the time. You don’t have to be at war all the time. This can help you take a sit back and restore your energies where appropriate, and invest them where it’s necessary. Valuing your own time and contribution can help you think of where to put it, and where it would have the most effect. This goes for most things, including what career you try to work towards, what friends you cultivate, and what causes you invest yourself in.

With this advice, we hope you can more wisely and readily assert yourself when needed.

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