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Ranking the Best Football Tournaments in the World

While almost all football competitions are great in their own right, some football tournaments have a massive fan base and attract the very best clubs. Below we’ve ranked the most popular football competitions in the world.

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It goes without saying that Football is one of the most celebrated sports on this planet. Owing to its popularity, one can find several international and domestic football competitions taking place all around the year.

While almost all football competitions are great in their own right, some football tournaments have a massive fan base and attract the very best clubs. Below we’ve ranked the most popular football competitions in the world.

FIFA World Cup

There’s no doubt that the FIFA World Cup is the best football competition on the planet. The tournament sees the world’s best football competing for the world champions title.

First held in 1930, the FIFA World Cup takes place every four years. In the 2022 season, a total of 36 teams competed against each other to lift the coveted World Cup trophy. In order to include more national sides, the number of teams taking part in this competition will be increased to 48 in the 2026 season.

The FIFA World Cup is the world’s most-viewed sporting event. So, it’s no wonder that it also attracts a lot of football betting action. During FIFA matches, football bettors can take advantage of some of the best football betting offers and promotional rewards.

UEFA European Championship

After the FIFA World Cup, the UEFA Champions League is the next best football competition in the world. First played in 1958, this football competition takes place every four years and has millions of viewers across the globe.

As of now, a total of 24 national teams compete in the UEFA Champions League. The clubs taking part in this tournament include the likes of Real Madrid C.F., Manchester United, FC Bayern München and Juventus, amongst others. With 3 title wins and 6 finals appearances, Germany is the most successful UEFA Championship team. They are followed by Spain, with 4 finals appearances and 3 title wins.

Copa America

This football competition was first played in South America in 1916. This makes it one of the world’s oldest football tournaments to be around.

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Copa America is the largest continental competition in South America, though it has witnessed a number of irregularities. As of now, there are a total of 100 teams that compete in the Copa America tournament.

Uruguay and Argentina are the two most successful sides in this competition. Both of them have 15 wins each to their name. Along with the two, Brazil is also a dominant force in Copa America.

Copa Libertadores

This is another prestigious football competition in South America. Copa Libertadores takes place annually and is used to determine the best club team in the US.

Since its introduction in 1960, the competition has witnessed several great domestic football clubs competing for the final title. And with each passing year, it’s only becoming a more competitive tournament.

Having clinched the Copa Libertadores title a total of 7 times, Argentine club Independiente is the most successful side in the tournament. Brazilian club Flamengo is another top club in Copa Libertadores, with three title wins to their name.

FA Cup

The Football Association Challenge Club, commonly known as the FA Club, is an annual knockout tournament that’s played exclusively in England. First played in the year 1871, the competition has a loyal fan base even today.

Interestingly, any football team down to level 10 in the EFL is eligible to participate in the FA Cup. Arsenal and Manchester United are the two most successful sides in the FA Cup, with 14 and 12 title wins to their names respectively.

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