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The pros & cons of having a life coach

If you’re stuck in a rut that you can’t get out of, the instinct is to consider hiring a life coach. Many individuals see them as alternatives to therapy, but what are the true pros and cons of hiring one?

Those of you that spend hours scrolling through Instagram will have seen a rising trend of life coach accounts emerging on your feed. It seems like everyone and anyone that’s enjoyed success in their lives has taken to being a life coach. They provide insights and advice on how to get through life and achieve your goals, usually with fees attached for more thorough coaching services. 


If you’re stuck in a rut that you can’t get out of, the instinct is to consider hiring a life coach. Many individuals see them as alternatives to therapy, but what are the true pros and cons of hiring one?

Pro: Advice from someone that’s been and done it

How do you get your life together? Well, there’s no better person to teach you than someone that’s actually been and done it. You have access to someone that knows what it takes to be successful, meaning you get advice and tips that you can’t find anywhere else. It can be inspiring, motivating you to make the same changes in your life. 

Pro: Get to the root of your problems

Having a life coach gives you someone to talk to about your problems and fears in life. Thus, you can finally break things down and get to the root of your issues. What’s making you feel like this? Why are you stuck in your rut? A life coach helps you uncover the answers to these questions, which makes it much easier to solve them and improve your life. 

Con: There’s no science behind it

A big negative aspect of life coaches is that there’s no science behind life coaching at all. It’s not like wellness coaching or fitness coaching where there’s scientific evidence to back up the advice you’re given. For instance, it’s known that you can achieve better wellness by being more active and eating healthily. On the contrary, there’s no evidence to suggest that doing certain things will make you more successful in life. With no science behind life coaching, it’s mainly based on theory – and the advice someone gives might theoretically work for them, but it doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. 

Con: Expensive

As with all forms of coaching, life coaching is going to cost money. Typically, it costs a lot of money as the promise is that you will improve your life forever, theoretically meaning you can make more money and be successful and happy. The problem is that it can be far too expensive for the average person. Have you ever wondered why most people with life coaches are already somewhat rich and successful? This is because they’re the only ones that can afford this help! 

The bottom line is that life coaches can be very expensive and might not provide advice that’s guaranteed to help. People’s experiences with a life coach can vary, but you shouldn’t assume that you need one if your life is stuck in a rut. There are other ways to get out of it, most of which are far more affordable and involve a lot of self-reflection.

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