Frugal love tips for dating on a budget

We all want to find our perfect partner. All it takes is going out, socializing, and enjoying yourself – hopefully, that’s all it will take to meeting that Mr. or Mrs. Right. Then you just need to line up a few dates with them so that you have chance to sweep them off their feet.


Sure, it sounds easy enough, but all of that dating can become a bit of a burden when you are already living on a tight budget. However, that isn’t a reason to give up looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with.

Here are my best frugal love tips for dating on a tight budget.


Lots of love-seekers read their horoscopes to see what is in store for them. This gives them a good idea of the best nights for meeting someone. For instance, if you read the Virgo love horoscope, it will mention whether it looks likely Virgos will meet someone new this week. If so, they know that this is the week to plan a few social engagements. Does your horoscope look a bit quiet on the love front one week? If so, you know that you can chill out at home most nights to save some money.


You might not be so keen about going on a date if you know that you are going to end up with a very large bar bill! Thankfully, it doesn’t always have to end that way. You just need to be clever and tell your date to meet you for happy hour. Lots of bars offer various drink deals and discounts during happy hour so you will be able to have a nice relaxed date without worrying about going over budget.



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If you aren’t that bothered about going to a bar, you might be thinking about asking your date out to see a movie or to do another fun activity. The best way to save some money with an activity date is to go during off-peak times. So, rather than going to the cinema in the evening, why not go a bit earlier? It won’t be quite as busy, and you will find that tickets are a bit cheaper! This is often the case with things like laser tag and miniature golf as well – mid-week during the day works out a lot cheaper than at the weekends.


If you love to be spontaneous, sign up to Groupon for a daily deal sent direct to your inbox. You don’t have to take every deal that comes your way but it’s nice to know that there is always the option of a daily discount on some cool activity. And if you get sent one that sounds perfect for a date, you can invite your crush so that you can enjoy the fun together!

Dating on a budget is definitely possible, and, hopefully, all these tips can help you win over your dream partner.

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