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9 Pros & cons of switching to Linux

There are definitely lots of benefits that outweigh the weak points of this OS. Switch to Linux, and you can see for yourself!

There is a constant debate going on about which operating system is the most convenient for users. Basically, there are three picks to choose from: macOS, Linux, or Windows. Each one has its own strong and weak points. Also, all of them have their unique features and purposes, so it’s mostly up to the user to decide which one is the best!

Some say that they can’t live without the stylish design of macOS. Indeed, Apple was the innovator in sleek lines and smooth colors. Windows is very convenient for almost all users because it’s user-friendly, understandable, and widely supported within the IT industry.

That leaves you with Linux, which is not as popular with an average user as Windows and macOS.There are lots of fans of this operating system who use it daily. They prefer this OS to other systems because of its security, flexibility, and many other things. Some students prefer using it for their assignments. If there are some programs that are not supported by Linux, try using some online writing services instead! But it’s very unlikely that there will be any problem with this OS.

So, if you are not sure whether you need to install this OS on your computer, this article is for you! Even though nothing is perfect in this world, Linux can be close to perfection when it comes to choosing your operating system. Here are 9 pros and cons of switching to Linux!

What is Linux and why do you need it?

You probably already have seen a cute penguin logo of this OS. For those who are not familiar with this operating system at all, here is a quick explanation. This is a system that has control over all software on your laptop or computer. In other words, the software accepts and reacts to requests from all existing software. It also relays these tasks on the hardware of your laptop.

If this explanation is still not clear to you, think about it this way. In many categories, Linux has similarities with Windows and macOS. It’s still based on a graphic outlay, and it has all the programs that you might need. This includes photo and video editors, word processing apps, games, and much other stuff that learners often need during their studies.

Advantages of this OS

It might be confusing at first because the interface is completely different. In this case, look for some online help with your homework assignments! Usually, essaypro review services on will quickly help you so you can get back to figuring out this new operating system. So, let’s take a closer look at all the reasons why you should switch to Linux!


This is one of the biggest benefits that attract so many users. Every person needs a guarantee that important data will be carefully protected against anything bad! This OS got it all figured out. Nothing happens here without your permission as an administrator and a password. This way, this operating system provides protection against the following:

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  • Viruses;
  • Hacks;
  • Data leaks;
  • Any malware that can be found on the internet.

Sure, you are not completely safe, but Linux makes it almost impossible to infect your computer. There is no extra need to install any antivirus program.

Open-source OS

Programmers know that when something is marked as ‘open source’, it implies that the code is accessible to all the people who use it. This means that if you have some basic programming skills, you can adjust, improve, and distribute the code to other users. This way, you can feel great support from the community!

Ability to help your older OSs

Linux is great for reviving your old operating systems! When you have an outdated device that is too good to throw out, try using this method:

  1. Physically clean your PC with compressed air.
  2. Make sure that it boots up with BIOS.
  3. Install the program or its lightweight version from a CD.
  4. Follow the directions of the task manager and use boost parameters if needed.

Custom features

Sure, you can customize something on Windows or macOS as well. But here, the extent of these custom features is almost endless because of the open-source code! Every program, icon, theme, and button can be changed if you want. You can show your creative side and customize anything you want!

Constant and timely software updates

How often have you opened your laptop only to find that Windows needs to install updates again? This is one of the most frustrating situations, especially when you are in a hurry. With Linux, all update installs will be very quick and to the point.


Just as firewalls protect your data from outside threats, they protect your info from any leaks and unnecessary supervision. While using this OS, you can be sure that your actions are completely private and secure. This is one of the reasons why Linux is often the top choice in the corporate environment.

Weak points of this OS

Of course, no system is completely perfect. There are some disadvantages to using this OS, which can be easily overlooked with enough determination! Let’s take a closer look at them.

There is no guide for new users

You can find almost any guidance that you need on the internet. Still, because this system has open-source code, there is no official assistance from the developers when you have some problems with this OS.

Office software is not great

If you are used to standard Microsoft Office programs before, you will notice some differences right away. Some users say that Linux substitutes are not as good. For most people, this isn’t a deal-breaker because there are plenty of online alternatives for your convenience.

The interface can be confusing

This is especially true when you switch from Windows or macOS. Think about it this way: change is always difficult. But users can adjust to this new interface after some time!

To Sum Up

So there you have it, 9 pros and cons of making a switch to the Linux operating system! It might be a challenge at first, but you will get used to it. There are definitely lots of benefits that outweigh the weak points of this OS. Switch to Linux, and you can see for yourself!

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