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Beginner’s guide to storing CBD responsibly

If you are new to the world of CBD, here is a quick beginner’s guide for how to store your CBD in its ideal conditions.

You may have heard about CBD in the past couple of years, as it has generated a lot of interest and curiosity as a useful health supplement. For years, CBD was either completely unknown to people, and suffered from its association with marijuana and cannabis. However, as marijuana became more tolerated, and more states have legalized it over time, a greater awareness about CBD has been growing. People are learning that it is safe, it does not make you high like THC does, and that it offers several health benefits.

This has led to many people trying out CBD for the first time. However, because it’s such a new product, there is not a lot of common knowledge for how to store your CBD products. If you don’t do it properly, you will find that it isn’t as effective, ruins the taste, or otherwise negatively affects the experience. If you are new to the world of CBD, here is a quick beginner’s guide for how to store your CBD in its ideal conditions.

How Long Does CBD Last?

First, it’s important to know about the typical shelf life for the different types of CBD products. It will come in a variety of forms, from the most common CBD oil drops to newer things like CBD protein powder or CBD pet treats. 

The shelf life of CBD will vary greatly depending on the product. Here are some general rules to follow:

  • CBD oil (drops, vape oil, capsules, etc) will last between one and two years
  • CBD edibles will typically last around the same amount of time as the food it comes in (e.g., dairy products with CBD will expire before the CBD does).
  • CBD tincture will last for several years

This covers the most common types of CBD products you will find. However, as it gets more popular, the market is seeing tons of new products that have CBD infused into the ingredients. This includes things like bath salts, skin lotion, pet treats, and more. 

In these cases, the shelf life of the CBD within the product will vary depending on the other materials or ingredients. You can check the specific product to see if it has a “best before” or expiry date. If there isn’t one, it will likely be fine for as long as the CBD oil itself would be. However, all of this assumes that the product is stored in ideal conditions the whole time. If it isn’t, the shelf life can be shortened dramatically.

Store at Moderate Temperatures

The first point is to make sure your CBD product is stored at the proper temperature. This generally means keeping it at room temperature, ideally around 74°F or 23°C. If you do this, you will find that the CBD maintains its effectiveness for that one to two year window. The vast majority of people will finish consuming the CBD product long before that happens.

You may hear advice to keep your CBD in the fridge, since that helps meet other important storage conditions. However, it is not necessary to do this unless it is a CBD edible or beverage where the other ingredients require refrigeration. For basic CBD oil, or non-perishable products, it is fine to leave it out. 

Cold does not harm the CBD itself, but you may find it less pleasant to take CBD oil drops when it is colder. For example, some CBD oils or tinctures may thicken or congeal depending on what other ingredients it contains. 

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Heat, on the other hand, should be avoided at all costs. It will cause the CBD to evaporate, and could alter the chemical composition of the CBD product so it loses its effectiveness. This means keeping your CBD away from sources of heat: ovens, the inside of a car, direct sunlight, and so on.

Keep Away From Light Sources

It’s also a good idea to store your CBD somewhere dark and away from direct sources of light. This includes sunlight, as mentioned above, but it also includes lightbulbs. Most bottles of CBD oil will come in darkened, colored or tinted bottles to protect it from temporary exposure to light, but for long periods of exposure, it won’t be enough.

Light will cause the CBD composition to deteriorate, which will lead to it “expiring” in terms of potency much faster than if you store it somewhere dark until you use it. This means keeping your CBD away from things like:

  • Lamps and other light bulbs
  • Car dashboards
  • Windows and window sills
  • Sunbeams

Instead, you should keep it in a drawer, cabinet, or some kind of container that blocks light. Fridges are acceptable for this reason, but you can also keep it in a drawer with your cooking oil, or a medicine cabinet in your bathroom with other medication.

Do Not Expose CBD to Air

The final tip for storing your CBD in ideal conditions is to avoid exposing it to air, except when you are using it. Air also alters the chemical composition of the CBD itself, similar to heat and light. More specifically, oxygen causes what is called oxidative stress

That’s why most CBD products come in resealable containers like bottles. So when you use something like this, always make sure that the bottle or container is tightly sealed after you finish using it. It will last a lot longer if you do.

Some CBD products may not come with packaging that convenient. Some kinds of CBD edibles, like chocolate bars, may not have resealable wrappers. In this case, make sure you use something that can seal off air as much as possible. You can use ziploc bags, tupperware, and so on. 

These three tips will help you maintain the normal shelf life of your CBD. If you have any experience storing things like oils or other medicine, you should already be familiar with the same principles. Many kinds of products will not last as long when exposed to heat, light, or air for longer periods of time.

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