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LGBT Pride in 2024: An Overall Reflection

We look at how Pride has been unfolding on the world stage, and share a few reflections from Pride attendees worldwide.

As Pride Month unfolds, we reflect on its significance both nationally and globally in 2024. We look at how it has been unfolding on the world stage, and share a few reflections from Pride attendees worldwide.

Global Pride Celebrations

South Korea

In Seoul, tens of thousands joined South Korea’s 25th annual Pride parade, despite the authorities denying venue access for the second consecutive year. The resilient spirit of South Korea is a new kind of showing of queer visibility in an Asian country. It goes to show how Pride can be so vital to the life of the LGBTQ+ community in certain regions.

Baltic Pride 2024

Baltic Pride continues to gain momentum in Latvia and Lithuania, even as legislation for same-sex partnerships lags. The parade’s innovative flower aesthetics highlight the vibrant representation in these countries.

This year has looked a lot more colorful with trans, non-binary, and genderqueer folk of all types showing up at the marches, and families becoming allies by celebrating as well.

Kyiv-Warsaw March

The Kyiv-Warsaw March of 2022 exemplified solidarity amid conflict, with Ukrainian forces pushing back Russian troops. This event underscored the LGBTQ+ community’s resilience and determination to celebrate Pride despite ongoing strife.

While they did not have a Pride march this year, activists have not forgotten the progress it has made and is already thinking towards the future.

Global Progress

Countries such as Namibia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Malta, Peru, and Jamaica hosted Pride marches, emphasizing the movement’s role in advocating for fundamental recognition and rights. Same-sex marriage legislation saw new milestones in Estonia, Greece, and Thailand, adding to the growing list of over 30 countries that recognize these unions.

Setbacks in Turkey

In Turkey, the government, led by Erdogan, has intensified its crackdown on LGBTQ+ activities, banning Pride marches and prosecuting associations. Twenty-two human rights organizations have urged the government to halt these discriminatory practices.

Pride in the United States

Diverse Priorities

Pride in the US varies greatly by region. In liberal cities, discussions focus on gender identity and inclusive pronouns, with a significant emphasis on trans rights.

Corporate Involvement

Brands have increasingly incorporated Pride into their marketing, though opinions on this are mixed. Some view it as genuine support, while others see it as monetizing the movement without meaningful contributions.

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Ongoing Challenges

Despite progress, many regions still face anti-LGBTQ+ laws, including bans on gender-affirming healthcare and restrictions on transgender athletes. Over 500 anti-LGBTQ+ bills were proposed in 41 states in 2023, the highest on record.

Reflection and Importance

Pride remains a critical platform for visibility, community-building, and advocacy. It commemorates the historic Christopher Street Liberation Day march in 1970, which transformed the Stonewall Riots’ energy into a global movement for equality and justice.

Quotes from 2024 Pride

Some folks still wonder whether Pride is still necessary or as vital as it once was. While we are no longer stuck in the past, many feel that gay pride is still very much as vital to the very core of our community, in new, refreshing ways. Here are some quotes from a variety of folks who attended this year’s celebrations:

“The day ‘coming out’ becomes obsolete is the day Pride Month becomes unnecessary.”

“Pride Month is essential for remembering history and honoring those lost to intolerance.”

“It’s crucial to show both the queer community and others that we exist and deserve equal rights.”

Celebrating Pride

From major cities like New York, Chicago and London to smaller marches in places like El Paso, TX and Liverpool, Pride offers unique, memorable experiences everywhere. The true “best” place to celebrate is where it holds personal significance.

Pride in 2024 is a testament to the LGBTQ+ community’s progress, resilience, and ongoing fight for rights and recognition worldwide.

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