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Lonely singles are turning to apps, AI for companionship 

67% of users turned to dating platforms and artificial intelligence to build both platonic and romantic relationships in order to reduce feelings of loneliness at least in the last year.

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Loneliness is impacting the way singles are using dating apps, with 67% of users turning to dating platforms and artificial intelligence to build both platonic and romantic relationships in order to reduce feelings of loneliness at least in the last year.

This is according to a study done by the Social Discovery Group, the company behind over 40 online dating and social discovery sites and apps, adding that the time users spent on apps has increased by 35% since 2022.  

“Technology was supposed to connect people, but, in fact, it has increased our loneliness. Screens, in some way, have separated us from each other because connection doesn’t necessarily mean attention, empathy, or love,” said Dmitry Volkov, Ph.D, Founder and CEO of Social Discovery Group. “However, I would like to argue that technology can indeed be beneficial and make our social lives different and better. I believe AI is one of those significant ideas that can serve as a cure for loneliness, providing support and companionship, and enhancing the overall well-being of people in an increasingly digitized world.”

The survey noted that social connection can help better overall health and wellbeing, and here, AI has greatly improved the social experiences of singles experiencing loneliness through seamless conversations and relationship building. AI has, in fact, “given singles personalized emotional advice without the element of judgment that many often feel when they express themselves to loved ones. Whether it be through chatbot conversations or AI integrated dating platforms, singles are turning to AI for more constant interactions and support.”

Additional key data includes:  

  • Gen Z is turning to online platforms for platonic relationships more than any other age group. 46% of Gen Zers use apps to avoid loneliness while only 15% of millennials and 9% of Gen X are doing so.    
  • Those surveyed noted that conversational AI apps, including EVA AI, are capable of assisting people in increasing confidence and building relationships: 
  • 38% of men surveyed have used AI to help verbalize their needs and desires through generated prompts and talking points. 
  • 42% claim AI has helped reduce anxiety around their own sexuality. 
  • 64% said experimenting with AI has helped them better navigate an argument or disagreement in their real life relationship. 
  • 56% of men are turning to online platforms to avoid feelings of loneliness along with 62% of women. 
  • In comparison to users who are chatting with potential romantic partners, people who are looking for platonic relationships spend 28% more time chatting with these connections virtually.  
  • 71% of singles who choose not to meet their new matches in person said that virtual messaging alone has given them a sense of companionship and decreased feelings of loneliness. 
  • 25% of those who turn to online apps to solve loneliness prefer to converse with AI chatbots instead of humans; 30% claim AI interactions can help fill the void.  
  • 83% of users who prefer AI chatbots shared that instant replies are the top feature that helps alleviate feelings of isolation. 
  • 52% that opt for AI platforms note that the technology’s ability to adapt to your preferences and retain information is what helps the most in reducing loneliness. 

“AI technology amplifies platforms aimed at building connections and is an integral component of fighting off the loneliness epidemic that is affecting people worldwide,” added Volkov.

“AI companions solve many issues that people are facing when it comes to relationship anxiety or isolation. Singles are leaning on digital platforms to create bonds that go beyond in-person interactions which offers Social Discovery Group an important opportunity when it comes to our offerings.We understand the value of AI for our users which is why we continue to invest in innovative platforms, like Eva AI, that provide instant relief from loneliness during an otherwise isolating time.” 

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