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Three Ways to Improve Your Sexual Health

In this article, three ways to improve your sexual health are explored.

For many people who enter the early years of adulthood, it’s a time of increased freedom and self-discovery. Millions of people choose to attend higher-education facilities such as colleges or universities during this period and get their first taste of true independence. Planning weekly budgets, learning to cook for yourself and arranging social events with friends can make this stage of life a truly fulfilling time.

It’s also around this time that many young adults will start to have their first meaningful relationships and may choose to have sex with a range of partners. This can be a truly thrilling stage in a person’s development as they learn to explore their bodies and find out what sexual acts are pleasurable for both them and their partners.

However, it’s important to keep sexual health at the forefront of all such activities to ensure that safe sex is practiced and the risk of unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases remains low. In this article, three ways to improve your sexual health are explored.

1.   Get tested for STDs

Having unprotected sex increases the chance of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) as does having a large number of sexual partners. Some STDs may have obvious signs such as genital herpes which results which can result in the formation of painful blisters on the sexual organs. Whilst unpleasant, these symptoms can be treated effectively with specific tablets such as those that can be found at Chemist Click.

However, it’s important to understand that not all STDs may result in visible signs of infection on the genitals. If you’ve had unprotected sex and are worried that you may have caught an STD, it’s important to visit your doctor who can arrange for suitable screening tests to be carried out.

2.   Exercise regularly

Taking regular exercise is important for promoting improved physical and mental health and it’s an activity that should ideally become a lifelong pursuit. It’s important to remember that being in good shape can also improve your sexual health.

People who exercise regularly may have a more positive body image that allows them to feel more sexually confident. In addition, regular exercise can give you improved stamina that can help you to prolong love-making sessions to increase the pleasure for you and your partner. Also consider that if you’re trying to start a family, being in good physical fitness can improve both the quantity and quality of your sperm and make pregnancy more likely.

3.   Drink coconut oil

As a final point, recent studies have suggested that drinking coconut oil can be beneficial for a man’s sexual health. It’s thought that drinking this on a regular basis can improve the testosterone levels in the body. This occurs as coconuts contain a substance that can lead to lower oxidative stress in the body. Oxidative stress can result in a lower amount of testosterone being produced so coconut oil can be seen as a natural remedy to protect against this. The same effects have been noted in olive oil, so if you don’t enjoy the taste of coconut oil, consider cooking with olive oil at mealtimes.

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