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Tips to help you pack up for the big move

Packing in advance gives you an opportunity to sort through your belongings, rather than hurriedly throwing everything you own into boxes.

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There’s something undeniably bittersweet about packing up your life to move home. Yes, you’re going somewhere new and starting a new adventure, but you’re also leaving a lot behind. Packing your belongings is one of the steps that makes this all the more real to you.

Unfortunately, packing your belongings can also be a pain. Over the years, you accumulate a lot of stuff, so ensuring that it’s all transported safely and securely can seem like a mammoth task. Here are some tips to make things easier for you.

Invest in Packing Boxes and Material

There’s nothing worse than transporting something fragile and precious and discovering that it’s broken when you come to unpack it. Another issue is when you’re carrying a box and you find that the box is ripping before you even have a chance to set it back down again.

Part of this comes down to how you pack your belongings. Fragile items shouldn’t just be thrown into a box and left to their own devices. Instead, every item should be individually wrapped up to keep it safe. Paper is a great way to do this, packing paper (or even newspaper) cushions glass and ceramic items and keeps them safe.

You should also avoid overpacking boxes or mixing heavy and light objects without thinking. If you put a pile of books on top of fragile crystal glass, then you’re asking for a disaster. Heavy items should always go on the bottom. Try to put regular shapes together, so that you can fit more in the boxes.

Speaking of boxes, investing in heavy-duty moving boxes rather than using any old cardboard box is the best way to keep your belongings safe and secure. This way, the box is less likely to tear as you carry it, which is especially important for larger boxes containing heavy items.

Start in Advance

The best time to start packing depends on your family circumstances, but it’s rarely the day before you move. Packing takes time, so starting a couple of weeks in advance gives you chance to pack away your non-essential items and get them out of the way.

Packing in advance also gives you an opportunity to sort through your belongings, rather than hurriedly throwing everything you own into boxes. You might have accumulated some items that you don’t need or use, and now is the time to clear them out. It will save you unpacking them later.

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If you don’t have anywhere to store the boxes in your house, then you can keep them in self-storage. You can find storage solution options at

Get the Kids Involved

If you have children, then the best way to help them to come to terms with the move is to get them involved. Give them some boxes for their rooms or, if they’re older, have them help around the house. Be sure to talk them through the move as well and, if possible, involve them in some of the decisions.


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