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What are the reasons behind the growing popularity of online dating?

Since online dating is becoming popular, there must be several reasons why that is so. And for this purpose, we will be having a look at some of the advantages of online dating that make it so popular.

If we look at how things were a decade ago, online dating was generally associated with desperate individuals but things have changed now and the number of people who now prefer online dating keeps increasing and so does the number of online dating platforms.

Since online dating is becoming popular, there must be several reasons why that is so. And for this purpose, we will be having a look at some of the advantages of online dating that make it so popular.

You Don’t Meet Your Date Face-to-Face For The First Time

Since most people are shy or nervous about meeting their potential date in person for the first time, one of the advantages of online dating here is that you can talk to your potential date and get to know each other before you meet in person. 

This helps people to get more comfortable with each other and when they meet in real life then they can have a good time. The downside here is that most people boast about themselves and over exaggerate everything over the text which is something that cannot be done if your date is sitting in front of you.

More Potential Matches

Another advantage of online dating is that there are more potential matches on the internet. You can check out the profiles of various other people from the comfort of your bed. Plus, the dating service for which you signed up pairs you with people based on your likes and dislikes.

This makes the dating process more efficient and easier & having a large number of potential dates is always better than having one or two dates. In physical dating, you can only meet two or three people but in online dating, you have so many options available.


You can date from home which is the third advantage of online dating that we are going to discuss. You can get a date literally from your home. You just have you set up your profile, add your pictures, your likes, dislikes, and you are good to go. You needn’t even change out of your pajamas or get dressed up for going out since you will do all the talking from your mobile phone. 

It helps you to meet those people that you wouldn’t ordinarily meet and who aren’t from your close circle. The convenience of online dating is a big advantage because you can be at work, home, or anywhere else and talk with your potential date.

No Fear Of Rejection

Most people avoid dating because of fear of rejection. They are afraid that the other person won’t like them and they will be rejected. While you are trying online dating, there is less fear of rejection because if you get turned down then you won’t have to face the so-called “embarrassment” of getting rejected in person. In online dating, the other person just straight out rejects you or just stops talking to you which is acceptable compared to getting rejected by someone that you spend time with in person.

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Filter People Based On Preferences

Online dating apps provide you the option to tailor your search to specify whatever sort of person you are looking for. For instance, if you want to meet someone with the same religion or background as yours then you can specify your preferences and then you will be matched up with the person having those same things or qualities. There are so many different preferences available from which you can choose and the algorithms of dating platforms are such that they pair you with the person that you are looking for most of the time.


The safety that you get with online dating is one of the biggest benefits. You don’t have to risk doing anything to score a date. You don’t have to leave your home, your job, or go out to a club, or get mugged by someone because, in online dating, your address is not even shared with anyone. Plus, any time someone starts to get weird, awkward then you can block them to prevent them from harassing you. So, unless you get to know the other person and have a few video chats, you are anonymous to the other and this anonymity is loved by many people.

Jessica, a 27-year-old developer from Chicago who developed famous tools like PDF Compressor that can Compress PDF and PDF Merger that can Merge PDF together, says that she likes this safety feature of online dating so that the potential matches that she meets cannot find personal details unless she wants them to.


Online dating is also comparatively cheaper than conventional methods of dating. It is much cheaper to find a date online to go out, pay for meals, and date after a tiring day. Some online dating sites provide their services for free and others cost a fee but it is much less than regular dating and going out.

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