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Bikini open for transmen slated on May 2

Despite the flak received by beauty pageants for promoting the “horse race mentality” of pitting people against each other, members of the transgender community in the Philippines are scheduled to hold a bikini open for transgender men May 2 in Quezon City, aiming for the event to highlight trans issues.

Transman bikini open

Pageants have long been criticized – ridiculed even – for claiming to push for “world peace”, albeit only end up promoting the “horse race mentality” of pitting one against another; but this is an approach deemed useful by members of the transgender community, with a bikini open for transgender men slated on May 2, 7:00PM, at F Club Philippines in Quezon City.

Organized by TEMAN Production, with Nil Nodalo (and with Josh and Ira), the bikini open is being eyed as an event that will: 1) Help the transgender community identify new leaders by giving those with accomplishments an avenue to be seen/heard; and 2) shed light on transgender issues.

For Nodalo, who also helms TransMan Pilipinas, the transman bikini open gives them an opportunity to hit two birds with one stone, as the saying goes.

On the one hand, it allows them to educate mainstream society about trans issues.

On the other hand, the gathering allows them to “work together to educate transgender men on trans issues”, even as it also “aims to promote healthy lifestyle choices among transgender men, and provide a venue for learning to embrace our bodies.”

“The transgender men community has been visible in the past three years. We want to be consistent (in pushing for that visibility), thereby continuing that visibility,” said Nodalo.

For more information, contact Nil Nodalo at (+63) 9989710879.

F Club Philippines is located at E. Rodriguez corner Hemady St., Quezon City.

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