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How to get closer with your partner

If you feel distant from your spouse, you have two options: improve your closeness or go your separate ways. If you want to choose the former, read the following advice on how to get closer with your partner.

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Emotional and physical intimacy isn’t a guarantee in a relationship. Many factors can affect a couple’s bond and determine their longevity, such as financial worries, mental health issues, or external stressors.

If you feel distant from your spouse, you have two options: improve your closeness or go your separate ways. If you want to choose the former, read the following advice on how to get closer with your partner.

Kiss Your Partner

You might peck your partner when leaving for work or arriving home; however, can you remember when you last kissed them? If you can’t recall your last smooch, the chances are it was too long ago. 

Keep the flame burning by kissing your other half for at least six seconds per day. It will not only prove you feel physically attracted to them, but more physical intimacy will make you feel emotionally closer to your spouse. Plus, the extra affection might encourage your partner to kiss you more, provide extra cuddles, or instigate sex. 

Try New Ideas in Bed

Variety could spice up your sex life and make you feel closer than ever to your partner. If your sex life has dwindled or is becoming a little boring, inject some much-needed fun into your relationship.

For instance, ask your partner to suggest one new idea they would like to try in the bedroom, and you should do the same. Embracing sexual fantasies together could boost your bond and encourage a more active sex life.

You could even incorporate some fun adult toys, bondage, lotions, or games into the bedroom to shake up your sex life. For example, you could fulfill your partner’s fantasy of using strap on toys, or you could improve pleasure with arousal creams or massage oils.

Call Over Texting

Texting can appear cold and impersonal. Plus, it is easy for tone or a comment to be misconstrued via a message, which can cause unnecessary arguments in a relationship. If you spend many hours or days away from your partner, call your other half over sending a text. It will tell your spouse you want to hear their voice and find out about their day, which will make them feel more loved and appreciated.

However, don’t underestimate the power of a well-timed text, either. For example, if your partner often travels for work, drop them a good morning or goodnight text, which will inform them they’re on your mind when they’re relaxing in a hotel. It’s a small act that could make a dramatic difference to their day, as well as your relationship.

Go for a Relaxing Walk Together

Walking is a must-do activity in a relationship. It will provide space from everyday life and an opportunity to talk to your partner, catch up on their day, and discuss their dreams and desires. Don’t forget to hold your other half’s hand to feel physically and emotionally closer to each other. You might be surprised by the difference a daily walk can make to your love life.

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