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What are the reels in video slots games?

If you are as confused by what reels are in video slots as we were when we first began igaming then fear not because we have all the answers for you right here!

The hardened slot gaming professionals reading this will know every aspect of free slot games; whether they are tackling a real physical machine or having a go on the video slots, they will know the ins and outs of all the terminology.

Unfortunately, however, this is not the case for the small fry who have just begun their online video slot gaming journey. There is an abundance of phrases, terms, and jargon that can seem baffling and confusing to the small fry who are just getting started.

Video slots rely on a lot of aspects such as paylines, bonuses, wagers, and, in particular, the reels. But what are video slot reels? If you are as confused by what reels are in video slots as we were when we first began igaming then fear not because we have all the answers for you right here!

What exactly are the Reels in Video Slots and what do they do?

Whilst a lot of the language used when referring to aspects of video slots can be passed off as flowery description that is used to entice igamers, there are useful terms that you might need to know before you even begin.

We are not here to trick you with promises of mega jackpots and Brucey bonuses, we simply want to clue you in on what reels are in video slots so that you can attack the online casino world with the knowledge that will let you win!

  • Video slot reels are the part on the screen that rotates to give you a random set of symbols or numbers each time you pull down the lever.
  • Just like with classic slots, the reels are covered in symbols that spin so that each time you have different odds of matching pairs and making money/winning prizes.
  • The modern video slot game tends to include 5 reels that all spin when the lever is pulled. There are certain combinations that mean a win and others that will lead the chosen ones onto the bonus rounds.
  • Video slots, these days, rely on a random number generator that randomizes the possible results and leaves players with a unique outcome every time the lever is pulled. This means that your video slot reel is not controlled by the slot producers and give us small fry a chance at winning big!

Video Slot Reels: Hints and Tricks

As we mentioned, the reels in video slots are random which means that you cannot know whether you will win or not. However, we do have a couple of helpful tricks that you can adopt to make you the master of the reel and hopefully leave your bank looking rather fruitful:

  1. Go to the games that have the highest RTP so that you do not risk too much and lose it all
  2. Avoid the attractive-looking offers that progressive jackpots give (their odds are terrible!)
  3. Take up welcome packages and loyalty offers because they will help you defeat the pesky reels for little to no cost


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