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Young queer daters’ tips on spotting green flags in Pinoy queer dating

Is there a way to determine whether a match needs to sashay away or to shante you stay?

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The LGBTQIA+ community is known to have high dating standards – as anyone should, btw. But is there a way to determine whether a match needs to sashay away or to shante you stay? The good news is LGBTQIA+ dating has unique green flags, which are healthy and promising signs a person gives to indicate they are a good match.

Tinder teamed up with Coach Vee to talk to LGBTQIA+ members to spot these telltale signs of a great catch.

They respect your sexual orientation

This is a no brainer. The number one telltale sign of a great catch is if your match has nothing but respect for all sexual orientations across spectrum. Because gender talks can at times be quite complex, they ask questions and are willing to be educated about things they may not necessarily understand.

Take pride and celebrate your true self by including your sexual orientation in your Tinder profile. 

They celebrate your gender identity and expression

Is your match okay with you wearing makeup? Do they make you feel comfortable with both your femininity and masculinity? Do they respect either your high pitch or baritone voice? If your match neither tells you how to dress and act nor asks you to tone down yourself, check that box! Celebrating you in all your glory – flaws included –  and making you feel that being with them is a space where you can be who you truly are makes your match a legit walking green flag. Don’t ever let them go!

Tinder has your back. Its ‘Does This Bother You’ message feature allows you to report your match if they send you something discriminatory about your identity and expression. Its ‘Are You Sure’ feature also serves as your guide in keeping the messages you send respectful.

They ask how they should address you

This is the bare minimum. When they ask you how you would want to be addressed a.k.a. your pronouns, that’s a glowing green flag right there. This shows how respectful they are of your sense of identity and how they’re going above and beyond to really make you feel comfortable. If they care about even the simplest of things, your match is a keeper.

They ask for your preference

Dating can be daunting especially for those who are still in the closet or those who are still learning how to deal with social pressures. Do they ask you if you’re comfortable meeting at a certain place? Do they ask if you’re comfortable HHWW in public spaces? If your date is okay to meet you at a place where you’re most comfortable, that’s another glittering green flag to check.

They make you feel like they are a safe space

Having a safe space is also about having someone to confide in. In addition to allowing you to freely be your true self a.k.a. respecting your gender identity and expression, you should be able to communicate and share your struggles without judgment. If your match is willing to be on a journey with you even after knowing your mental and health struggles, they are no doubt the 21st century Green Knight straight from an Arthurian legend. Marry them!

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They value consent and respect your boundaries

It is important to emphasize that LGTBQIA+ dating is not all about sex contrary to a popular unfounded belief. But should you and your match decide to take it into the next level and make it spicy – consent and boundary setting come in pairs. Consent is the very basic concept in dating etiquette. If your match knows how to keep their hands to themselves,  that’s a sign of a true keeper.

Tinder continues to work towards making itself  a safe space for the Pinoy LGBTQIA+ community through a number of its safety features. Over the last few years, Tinder has rolled out more than 20 key safety features, demonstrating a deep investment in technology that reduces anonymity, increases accountability and helps members stay safe. Armed with ten of its  top in-app safety features and green flags, young LGBTQIA+ pinoy daters can now fearlessly hop on Tinder and  landi responsibly!


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