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7 Apps that Linux students will appreciate

These apps help you track your academic progress, improve your retention, and stimulate faster assimilation. Some of these apps also work great in a school setting. The best part is that they are free, open-source, and at your disposal!

Linux as open-source software is the best-known because of its command prompt programming that allows you to access source codes and alter programs. 

Apart from being an excellent OS for programmers, students will appreciate Linux apps because it makes learning less tedious. Even if you are struggling to learn how to code, a “do my homework for me” service like can help you cover your Linux assignments.

That said, here are some Linux apps for college students.


Anki is a study program that helps students remember their learning material easily. This program is more efficient than the traditional method of study with flashcards based on your learning material. It enables you to learn more in less time. 

The learning tool offers endless possibilities because it supports images, audio, videos, and scientific markup. You can learn languages, study for exams, and even practice guitar chords with Anki. 

This Linux program is a must-have for students because it is optimized for self-paced learning. It also syncs with other apps, enabling students to learn at their convenience.

Being free of cost, Anki has been made available across various Linux distros. With all the features that Anki has available, it is an app that students will appreciate.


Veyon promotes a digital learning system. It supports teaching in a digital learning environment by enabling you to perform virtual training and give support remotely. Considering the recent pandemic and political tensions, Veyon is the perfect addition to your learning toolbox.

Veyon is a free, open-source software for monitoring and controlling computers across multiple platforms. It provides a user-friendly interface optimized for easy use and quick access to all essential features. With many customization options, Veyon lets you easily enhance and modify these features with commercial add-ons.

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Veyon grants you complete control of your classroom. You can monitor and control the computers with just one click. To draw attention to your lesson, you can lock all computers and block input devices with the help of one button. 

Veyon is packed with great features that allow you to: 

  • Set up and configure tools;
  • Control your system remotely;
  • Integrate with your network and directory service;
  • Broadcast your screen to students.


GNU PSPP is a replacement for the proprietary program SPSS used for the statistical analysis of sample data. Unlike its predecessor, PSPP has no “time bomb” or expiration or limits on the number of cases or variables available to you. 

In addition, the program offers you two interfaces. You can either use the graphic interface or the more traditional syntax command. It can perform all sorts of analyses ranging from descriptive statistics to non-parametric tests and so much more. 

GNU PSPP is a free software program that contains fantastic features, including:

  • Over 1 billion cases and variables;
  • Multilingual support;
  • Extensive user manual;
  • Portability and accessibility;
  • Cost-free license;
  • Tutorial on its usage, especially for beginners.

You can also rely on GNU PSPP to solve statistical problems quickly.


GCompris is a high-quality educational software designed for kids aged 2 to 10, hosted and developed by the KDE community. It is a fun and game-oriented way to learn about computers. GCompris currently has more than 100 activities that you can adapt to your specific needs.

These are a list of some of the categories of activities that GCompris offer:

  • Learn to tell time;
  • Colors;
  • Shapes;
  • Computer discovery;
  • Reading;
  • Math;
  • Games and so on.

GCompris is constantly improving, with new and better versions being released.


KTurtle is a free, open-source educational programming software that creates a learning environment for programming. The software program uses a programming language that is loosely based on Turtlescript. 

KTurtle has a user interface that provides all of its programming tools, making it readily accessible. Anyone can use it, including beginners, because it is user-friendly, and all commands and messages are translated into the users’ language. 

KTurtle features the following qualities:

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  • Intuitive syntax highlighting;
  • Simple error message;
  • Integrated canvas;
  • Step execution.

All these features ease you into the learning process of programming.


Polar is a great offline browser suitable for Mac, Windows, and Linux for managing notes, books, web content, etc. Polar has a high tolerance for PDF documents and lets you download HTML content, allowing you to save them as offline documents. This process is called “capturing.”

Polar provides a variety of sorting formats which makes it a lot more user-friendly. You can sort your file by the following categories:

  • Reading progress;
  • Time added;
  • Recent;
  • Archive;
  • Flagged documents.

Annotation is a central feature of Polar, and you can highlight, underline, and attach comments and flashcards. Polar also supports synchronizing documents across multiple devices. With the marking and tagging feature available on Polar, you will never lose track of your reading.


KAlgebra is a free, open-source Linux software primarily designed for students, which is why its user interface is friendly, accessible, and straightforward. KAlgebra also contains a fully featured calculator that supports different types of 2D and 3D functions. You can calculate all forms of numerical, logical, or analytical problems with KAlgebra. KDE Education Project develops KAlgebra.


As a student, the endless need to source materials for easy and quick assimilation of knowledge cannot be over-emphasized. This article has highlighted some Linux apps that you would appreciate. 

These apps help you track your academic progress, improve your retention, and stimulate faster assimilation. Some of these apps also work great in a school setting. The best part is that they are free, open-source, and at your disposal!

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